Worthwhile Links

Recently added links (thanks Pat)

News and information about DOT-111 rail tank cars and related issues important to you.

Wisconsin Grassroots Sand Mining Blog

EcoWatch Environmental News: Fracing Page

Wisconsin Sierra Club SandMine Issues

The Frac Sand Weekly

Frac Dallas Website devoted to Frac Sand Mining

Dr Crispin Pierce: Local research Comprehensive, easy to understand


Catskill Mountainkeeper

Monroe County Sand Mines

Save the Bluffs

Blue Chedder: Open pit mining races ahead with help of “hush money”

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy (really good references)

Frac Sand Mine by Redwing

Tunnel City Mine

Town of Dove

Dunn County Sand/ Videos-and-Photos


  1. Pat just found a really well done Web Site devoted to Frac Sand Mining.
    It is listed in “Other Web Sites” or you can go to: http://fracdallas.org/docs/sand.html

  2. Plum Hill says:

    Silica is a hazardous substance, in fact too hazardous for the general public to be inhaling it. Let’s all work together to encourage our leaders to support environmentally friendly ways to obtain energy! Hydraulic fracturing combined with mining sand and processing it are not effective nor efficient ways to obtain energy at the expense of human life! Let’s all research these topics and meanwhile encourage our young people to find alternative ways to assist us in living comfortably together in harmony with the earth and all things which inhabit it.

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