Here are some questions that need answering: See our Web Site at

1. Who owns Canadian Sand and Proppants Inc. Is it Halliburton, Exxon?
Would it not be responsible to know what kind of a corporate citizen we are inviting into our community?
If we cannot learn who owns CSP, why are its owners being shielded with a separate corporate entity. Is this to protect them from liability in case something goes bad and we try to sue them to recover damages?

2. What is in the ore besides Sand? Are there any heavy metals like lead or arsenic?
Is it contaminated with asbestos or asbestos like fibers? Does it release Radon?
Is there really no OSHA or DNR regulation against emitting asbestos fibers?

3. We have been told that the plant will be allowed to emit a maximum of X pounds of particulate matter per hour.What is the size of these particles. Who will do air monitoring? What are air quality standards for these emitted materials? Who will enforce the standards? Who will have the authority to shut down the facility if it exceeds the standards.
How quickly could it be shut down? What are the health effects of the emissions?

4. Is the company bonded so if the retaining pond is breached and affluent flows into Duncan Creek and the Chippewa River property owners will be compensated and the government will be able to recover cleanup cost?
Will CSP be bonded to cover the cost of losses due to the degradation of ground water so that property owners and businesses such as Leinenkugels and Chippewa Springs would be compensated for losses they may incur.

5. Will emissions increase the cost of air filtration for the local hospital and clean room operations in the IT industry?

6. Have you seen the Material Data Safety Sheets for chemicals and substances to be used and stored on the site?

7. How long is the plant expected to operate and what happens when it closes? Do we have a deposit from them to assure that they will make the site like old after they leave?

8. How much tax revenue will the city realize and what will be the development costs to the city? What happens if the price of oil stays low or drops further and Canadian Sand and Proppants Inc. decides to declare bankruptcy? Do we have a performance bond or insurance so that we will be paid back the 1.75 million dollars that we gave them? It might be in CSP’s best interest to leave in 6.5 years (that’s when they are supposed to start paying us taxes). Until then we get NO revenue!

9, Have there been any OSHA Violations in similar plants?

10. Why are OSHA pollution standards in Wisconsin 3 times greater than California?

If we don’t know the answers to these questions, why are we allowing this plant in our city?
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