About CCC

 A spinoff of Concerned Chippewa Citizens, a group started by Pat Popple to fight the incoming  Chippewa Sand Plant, CCC provides information and resources to those fighting the rapidly proliferating Frac Sand Mines and Processing Facilities. For 7 years now Pat has been the major contributor and publishes The Frac Sand Sentinel weekly. She has emerged as the face of Sand Plant opposition in Wisconsin, and has been asked to speak all over and in several other states.
To see a short video of her speech at the Frac Sand Activist Conference, in Lake City MN–5/9/15
Go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26PdQGzX6DA

For the full conference Go Here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-KKtXXaP5jn_45Bm_R3oeA

Primary editor is Cheryl Miller, president of STHA (Save The Hills Alliance).
Feel free to contribute articles or information to cmiller6990@gmail.com

Recently,  World Headlines and World Economic News tabs have been added for those interested in news not likely to be printed in mainstream media.

Courteous, concise comments relevant to the topic are welcome, whether or not they agree with the views that predominate here. Long rants proclaiming the infallibility of your own views or favorite ideology will not be posted, neither will repeated attempts to hammer on a point already addressed, nor will comments containing profanity, abusive language, flame-baiting and name calling. Please indicate precisely what you are blogging about. I just got a post from ? E-Mail ? which said: "Is this going to be OUR furture??. I have no idea what they were referring to and no way to contact them. This is why we prefer comments that are signed by actual persons who leave their E-Mail address (it won't be published) so they can be contacted if questions arise.

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