Area Drainage

Has the DNR or anyone else investigated the drainage from Eagle Point through the sand plant area and through the city limits of Chippewa Falls?? Through the years, we have witnessed in the spring of the year, as high as 2 feet of water standing northwest of the  HWY 124 round-a-bout. There have been attempts to drain the water to the west, but the natural flow is to the southeast, through the sand plant site.  This water, at the round-a-bout area, travels through the plant site area and feeds the ponds on First Avenue. It then continues southwest and westerly and flows into Duncan Creek through a large diameter pipe just South of Leinenkugel’s Brewery. If there are going to be settling ponds at the plant site, how will this affect the continued drainage through this area? Will these proposed settling ponds form a dike or reroute the drainage pattern in the area?? The tremendous amount of water being used to wash the amount of sand being proposed to be handled by the plant, will have a powerful hydraulic effect, on the berms or dike. Failure of any element, could have an adverse affect downstream. These things should be taken under serious consideration, before any further construction is allowed on the site. When the dikes fail bad things happen, (see below) and this is near where we get our drinking water.


View of the TVA Kingston Fossil Plant fly ash spill, appx. 1 mile from the retention pond. This view is from just off Swan Pond Road. The pile of ash in the photo is 20-25 feet high, and stretches for two miles or so along this inlet (the inlet empties into the Emory River). for more information.

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