Facts to Consider re: Mines

Factors to Consider When Undertaking New Mining Projects
By Dominic Donaldson

Perhaps Canadian Sand & Proppants, Chippewa Falls Plan Commission,
Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation, and The Executive Committee
of the County Board Should Have Read Mr. Donaldson’s Article
Before They Planned for Months Without Citizen Input!
Mining projects, by their very nature, are huge endeavors. The factors that have to be taken into consideration are both complex and far-reaching. Some of the major factors to be considered……

Environmental consequences of a mining project : In light of recent studies on pollution, it is clear that certain behavior is no longer acceptable in the 21st century.

As scientists study new data about the environment and our planet, it is becoming clear that everyone has to respect the world we live in and adapt accordingly.  This includes mining companies.  Mining involves the use or destruction of many resources which are important to people, including destruction of agricultural land.

Mining is responsible for about 10 per cent of the world’s energy consumption.

There is also the human factor to consider. People have land taken away by large scale mining projects, land that is not only physically important but is often historically or spiritually important.

The people effected by these projects must be involved in the decision making process at every stage and on every level.

Do you feel like you were involved in the decision making process
at every stage and on every level?

If this is not dealt with properly, then problems will arise that can seriously effect a project financially and even lead to a project being delayed or not going ahead at all.

Dominic Donaldson is an expert in the engineering industry. http://www.drippingwater.com/dripping-water/162

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