Frac Sand Sentinel

Produced by Patricia Popple. Newsletter highlighting resource links, news media accounts, blog posts, correspondence, observations and opinions gathered regarding local actions on, and impacts of, the developing frac sand mining and processing industries.

To see a short video of her speech at the Frac Sand Activist Conference, in Lake City MN–5/9/15
Go here:
For the full conference Go Here:

Many more people are engaged in studying and working on issues related to FRAC SAND MINING here in Northwestern Wisconsin across county lines and then again across state lines as people in Minnesota, Iowa, Ilinois and Michigan fight to keep themselves safe from the issues associated with the silica industry. Silica mining and blasting, crushing and washing and drying at processing mines or plants and the trans-loading of sand to rail or truck or barge so the industry can sell its product either nationally or internationally for hydraulic fracturing is hitting us and many of our sister states hard. Wisconsin is known as the Poster Child for Silica Mining: Without Regulations! No one wants to experience what is happening in Wisconsin!

If you have questions, concerns, stories to tell, experiments you have tried, and successes or losses you have experienced, please feel free to share them. (

Take a look at the website and feel free to share information with Hank. He is very helpful in putting up announcements as well as other helpful documents and links. This is one of the most powerful of the websites with blogging possible , the constant information about what is happening with air monitors owned by residents in Chippewa Co., the links and other important information. It has been at work for nearly 7 years now under Hank’s direction and we owe him a great big “thank-you” for being persistent!

Learn from the many contributions to this FRAC SAND SENTINEL. There are some practical experiences, several stories, and lots of links. Be sure to follow the Minnesota Story. They are busy beavers trying to protect themselves from the industry and the misguided stories that are being generated at the expense of local citizens.
Pat Popple 715-723-6398

#61-February-4-2016,Water Privatization Issues


#59-January-22-2916,Red Cedar Watershed Conference March 10, 2016

#58-January-20-2016,What Chippewa County envisions for its future.

#57-January-13-2016, A LINK to Lots of Videos from Workshops!!!

#56-January-12-2016,Wisconsin State Statutes. Might it apply to frac sand mining and related industrial issues in your location?

#55-January-4-2016,A really bad bill undermining local control (SB464)

#54-December-26-2015,Issues regarding wetlands continue to surface. Your assistance in making comment to the Army Corp of Engineers would be greatly appreciated:

#53-December-23-2015,How are school children and other residents being impacted in a resin plant area?


#51–November-29-2015,Frac Sand Workshop in Eau Claire, WI
at the Plaza Hotel and Suites-December 14, 2015

#50–November-15-2015,Frac Sand Workshop in Eau Claire-A Special Invitation to You

#49–November-11-2015,UPDATES ON THE INDUSTRY

#48–August-31-2015 Frac Sand Sentinel #48 Crispin Pierce letter

#46–August-13-2015 Frac Sand Sentinel #46
New DNR Proposed Program Guidance Available for Public Comment

#45 –July 17-2015 Frac Sand Sentinel #45

#44 –April-1-2015 Welcome to this 44th issue of the Frac Sand Sentinel. There are many articles of interest including two attached posters and Celebrations during Earth Week!
1. The Chippewa River Water Walk: Water Walkers led by Sharon Day
2. The Panel and discussion on: “Destination Mississippi: What’s Happening Up Stream?” . Dan Masterpole, Chippewa Co., Kelly Jacobs from Eau Claire Co., and Doug Nopar, MN, Reception, and Water Walk at Nelson Community Center and then across the Bridge to Wabasha. Musical entertainment.
3. Youth Activities (see attached poster) in Wabasha
4. Aldo Leopold Gathering in Wabasha (see attached poster)
5. Silent auction contributions/ monetary donations……needed
What’s Up in Houston Co., MN?
What is the current status of frac sand activities in Chippewa County?
More information about the Wisconsin Conservation Congress activities coming up in all counties on April 13th, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. Find locations, rules etc.
A Conference in Lake City MN on Frac Sand
And much more………–April-1-2015 Frac Sand Sentinel #44

#43 –February-11-2015 Frac Sand Sentinel #43

#42 –January-28-2015 Frac Sand Sentinel #42

#41 –December-25-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #41

#40 –December-8-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #40: April 25, 2015, During Earth Week in April, Ojibwe Women, led by Sandra Day, Chippewa River Waterwalk

#39 –December-8-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #39: Mini Summet meeting, Breach of Storm Water pond Howard, Legislation to promote Statewide regulations, Silica Dust Damages Lungs, $50 penalty for Hybred/electric Vehicles, DNR decision to forget air monitoring REVERSED!

#38 –November-23-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #38: Bakken Senario in ND, Dec 6 meeting WI Grassroots Network, Fast Track and Transatlantic Partnership, Duncan Creek future,Dec 3 Sierra Club meeting Crispin Pierce speaker, Animal & human health in Frac areas.

#37 –August-14-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #37:Testimonies: EPA Hearing, Denver, CO-July 30, 2014 (our local activists…you should call and thank them for their efforts.)

#36 –July-11-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #36: Black Train bombs, Export out Scarce Oil, Driftless Tour July 26, Attack on Longmont Fracking Ban, Pickens Admits he is Wrong, Compendium of Risks and Harms of Fracking

#35 –June-30-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #35:BREAKING NEWS FROM DRYDEN NEW YORK!

#34 –May-30-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #34: Frac Sand Industry Overview, New Photo by Ted Auch-FracTracker.

#33 –May-30-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #33: New Dunn County Mine, Air Quality Permits, Bomb Train, Frac Moratorium.

#32 –March-29-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #32: New mine pictures, Industry impats on MidWest, useful sites, The benefits of Fracking by Jon Stewart

#31 –January-5-2014 Frac Sand Sentinel #31:Two Funding Projects, Gas Co. Deceptive Practices,Toxic Smoke from Train Derailment,Bakken Oil Shipment unsafe?, Nuisance Lawsuits,Frac Sand Summit, Mines & DNR Partners now?

#30 –November-30-2013 Frac Sand Sentinel #30: Heather Anderson on local control and damage to the area.

#29 –November-3-2013 Frac Sand Sentinel #29: Dangers Unseen Forum, Friday, November 15, 2013 – 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m Dr. Crispin Pierce, Dr. Michael McCawley, Bob Kincaid.

#28 –October-28-2013 Frac Sand Sentinel #28 EXPERIENCES WITH SENATE BILL 349 and more.

#27 — October-16-2013 Frac Sand Sentinel #27 DNR Listening Sessions, Morality and Frac Sand Mining in MN, Bad River Film: members speak out, Life in Montana as mining progresses (Sound familiar here?), “School Tax Implications of Potential Property Valuation Increases” Whitehall, WI, Chippewa County Draft Ordinance–Oct. 23, Frac Sand Mining in Wisconsin: How Healthy? How Safe? How Many Jobs? Madison, WI, Doug LaFollette Environmental Speaker’s Program: Madison, An article from Grist on sand in WI

#26 — October-8-2013 Frac Sand Sentinel #26

#24B — September-27-2013 Train Crossing Delays, Problems.

#24 –September-24-2013 Trempealeau County Under Siege, 3 mine maps, Questions for mine advocates, Moratorium Loophole, Copy of Moratorium

#23 –August-31-2013 Uncovered Sand Trucks, Property Value Degradation, Less Aid for School Districts, Eliminate County-Wide Zoning, Public Health Risks, Crawford Stewardship Project.

#22 –August-13-2013

#21 –August-6-2013

#20 –July-31-2013

#18 –July-7-2013 Gasland2 July 8 0n HBO, Josh Fox cronicaling the fracking revolution, ALEX is at work (must read). Violations galore in NW Wisconsin, National Grographic article on tracking, EPA abandoned Wyoming fracking study when it showed fracking the cause of deep aquifer pollution, July 20 STANDING AGAINST THE SAND STORM, Churches involved with divestiture, Radiation protection (nobody is talking about this), Non-Metalic ordinance.

#17–June 28, 2013 LNG Port in NY, Videos From Jim tittle, Interview with Dr. Tom Power, Studies/Videos on Marcellus Shale Area, Ellen Cantarow review of “the Price of Sand”, Chippewa WI says NO to Air Quality Study, Britain’s Frac Wars, Climate Change Summary, Amsterdam rejected Shale Gas Exploration, Powers Economic Report on Cost of Frac sand Mining, Duke Study links Fracking to Water Contamination, EPA DROPS study on Fracking water contamination, Public outcry against tracking in Colorado.

#16–June 15, 2013 Kathy Bernier needs to hear from you.

#15–May 18th, 2013 Report done by Dr. Thomas Power, Professor Emeritus, University of Montana, on the economic impact of frac sand mining. The link for the report is included.

#14 14 April 2013 –Special Issue Honors SANDRA STEINGRABER

#13 — 3/4/2013 Frac Sand DNR Violations, Price of Sand Video, Groundwater Study, Shortage of skilled labor,Frac Sand Forum W/ James Hansen, MN thwarting Fracking, Frac Sand Train Derailed, OB Admin blocks Silica Exposure Standards, Land Grab cheats Indians, US allows polluting of deep aquifers, Tar Sand Photos, Health impacts of coarse particulates, Fracking Fertilizing, Big Farming, Jobs-Jobs-Jobs promises @ Ladysmith, Toxic Fracking Waste Water. Radioactivity.

#12 — 2/12/2013 Preview

#12 — 2/12/2013 David Steele shares his advice for BOARDS or governmental bodies everywhere during deliberation processes and decision making.

#11 — 12/20/2013 Tar Sand Report, Canadian Pollution, Climate Chaos, Tanker Aground, CLAIMS against LANDOWNERS, Fracking & Suburbs, Contact Government, Chippewa Groundwater Study, Baron County Spill

#10 — December 29 2012 December Special Issue

#9 — 12/29/2012 Local officials benefit, Public Protest, spillage, Mega Bridge, Livestock falling ill, Fracking our food supply, Loopholes 4 polluters, Poisoning the Well, Sand rush Slows, Autism

12/15/2012 Ho-Chunk Nation Taking action

12/15/2012 Ho-Chunk Nation Resolution

12/09/2012 Target Health Issues

#8 FrackSand Sentinel

#7 — 11/31/2012 Open Wounds, meetings, collateral damage, bore holes, air pollution, ground water pollution, moratoriums.

11/11/2012 Right to know, Northern Crossarms rail spur in Wheaton, Global Impact, Pub hearings: Dovre, Bridgeport & Wabasha, 350,org workshops, WEDC lost track of $69 Million!

11/02/2012 NG Pipeline for Frac Sand!,Economic Impacts, News Round Up, Lower WI State Riverway

10/14/2012 SPECIAL ISSUE Dr. Sandra Steinberger position paper, picture of sand fallen of of rail cars alongside the tracks.

10/14/2012 NRB listening session, Dunn County setback, NO Sand Mining within 5 miles of schools, Frac Sand mining replacing agriculture, Economics of Sand Mining in Buffalo county, Money makes people blind.

08/30/2012 Pat Popple RESIGNS. Particulate standards, Lobby 4 Sand, Corbett Ave Xing, RR wants 2 close 3 Sts, Alma mine postboned, destroy land 4 gas NYT, Ground vibration, No conveyors 4 sand.

08/02/2012 EOG Water Usage, 5 Permits in Tempealeau,Sand Plant Rejected, Pierce County Vote, Lake Hallie Moratorium, Gas spills, Rail Map

06/09/2012 Sand Silos, Rail Map, Report Spills, Winona Referendum, Vandana Shiva, Silica Hazards.

06/09/2012 Sand Silos, Rail Map, Report Spills, Winona Referendum, Vandana Shiva, Silica Hazards.

06/09/2012 Stop the Killings, Sand on RR tracks, Rail Map, Oil Boom damage.

05/06/2012 Ban lifted, Truck road usage fees, Silica Dust Hazard.

04/27/2012 Fracking Study, Mineral Rights, Gasland, Mine issues

03/25/2012 Gasland, Report problems to DNR, Earthquakes, Polluted Water

02/27/2012 Resin Plant in Auburn, Mine Updates, Winona Impact Study, White Bear water level drop.

02/06/2012 Fool’s Gold, Moratorium Toolkit, DNR won’t regulate.

01/30/2012 Dunn Moratorium, Waste Radioactive, Agusta mine, Tildon Zoning, Sumner Rezone.

01/23/2012 Info, Dunn Moratorium Passed, Keystone, Agusta Clark, Juneau, Map.

01/15/2012 Frac Sand Map, Winona, Eau Claire, Chippewa, Stanley, Houston, letter from Jay.

01/08/2012 Tilden, Halliburton, Dovre, Barron, Buffalo, Crystalline Silica, Mining Bill

01/03/2012New Auburn, Lake Superior mining, WSOR Train Sale, Groundwater=Dry-ups, Lease negotiations


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