Tales of Non-Violent Action

“To be an engaged citizen means more than just voting – it also means being educated on important issues, speaking out to friends, family and community members, and taking action when necessary.”
Author Unknown

“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men, or greedy interests, skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”
Theodore Roosevelt
CORE officials take flight over county silica mines

Say What? Judge Says Feds Lack Authority to Regulate Fracking on Public Lands

Northwest tribal leaders highlight risks of oil trains

Frac sand plant proposal prompts public hearing in New Auburn

These Four People Were Sued for $30 Million After Speaking Out Against a Hazardous Waste Dump

Controversy on Wisconsin-Iowa border as frac sand mine, No. 1 in violations, seeks to expand

Join the global fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground


Monroe County passes injection well ban

Residents concerned about pit development, file suit

Group opposes Campbellsport sand mine


No Longer Willing to be Bullied and Fracked, How One Pennsylvania Town Fought Back

Trans Canada said it wanted to suspend its application on theKeystone pipeline!!!!!

In Fracking Downturn, Sand Mining Opponents Not Slowing Down

Citing ‘Planet, Environment, and People,’ Northern Ireland Erects Fracking Roadblock

Pope Francis: “Thou shalt not frack!”


Stop Enbridge’s illegal scheme to expand its Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline in Minnesota.

People power has shut the doors on fracking in the UK

Fracking Protests Continue in Texas as New ALEC- Backed Law Bars Towns from Banning Drilling on Democracy Now!

Fracking Protests Continue in Texas as New ALEC- Backed Law Bars Towns from Banning Drilling

Anti-Fracking Filmmaker Among 20+ Arrested at Latest Seneca Lake Blockade

Maryland Passes 2.5 Year Fracking Ban

Charges Dropped for 42 Crestwood Protesters

Citizen Journalist Operating Frack Tours Bullied Yet Undaunted

Dispatches from the Seneca Lake Uprising

With MLK Day Blockade, Seneca Lake Protesters Declare: ‘We Are Planting Our Flag’

Enforcing the ‘Will of the People,’ Dozens of Pipeline Protesters Halt Operations in Pennsylvania

A (very) Brief History of the New York Frack Ban Movement

PRESERVE LOCAL CONTROL letter writing campaign STHA

Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and 7 elves arrested blocking gas storage facility

Residents Protest NG Pipeline in Mason

Week of Anti-Fracking Action Culminates with Blockade, Arrests Outside Federal Building

Second annual “Frac Sands Conference” on September 23-24 in downtown Minneapolis

Be a part of the largest climate march in history:

Fracking is not as Advertised; So Ban Fracking (Now)

Outrage in Colorado over Fracking Betrayal by Top Democrats

Shale’s “Ground Zero” Moves To Ban Drilling

24 Anti-Fracking Activists Arrested in Washington at First-Ever FERC Sit-In Protest!

The most strict frac sand mining ordinance in the nation.

‘Permanent Protest Vigil’ Launched to Confront First Tar Sands Mine in US

Video of Penn Mom Disrupting Candidates Forum

The Death Cycle Of Fracking

‘No Arctic Oil’ Activists Arrested After Swarming Oil Tanker

Harvard Students Barricade President’s Office in Call to ‘Divest’

Retired Mobil VP confirms technology is dangerous and untested

Court to reconsider Winona County frac sand mine decision

Anti-Fracking Activist BANNED From 312.5 Square Miles of Pennsylvania

L.A. City Council moves toward fracking ban Mass Arrests in Keystone XL Protests (Video)

Pipeline Protest By Students in Front of White House

Hundreds Plan to Risk Arrest in Keystone Pipeline Action

Pope Francis: Thou Shalt Not Frac

Protest: Moore Park Siding Sunday, February 16 from 1-3 PM

Save School Children From Mountain Top Removal

Blowback for Disney As Pro-Fracking Elementary 

School Tour Exposed

‘Merry Frackmess!’: Elves Erect Gas Drilling Rig on Governor’s Front Lawn

Snowy Standoff in New Brunswick as Anti-Fracking Protesters Fight for ‘Next Seven Generations’

Two Arrested Protesting Waste Water Injection Well

Pollution by Design: Reducing Pollution Through Organizing

Russia Jails Activists

Protest The Sand Conference 24 & 25 Sept Minneapolis

President Obama is talking about rejecting Keystone XL

Winona Frac Sand Protest: 35 arrested April 29

Sand Plant Protesters

Tim Christopher Found Guilty

Bill Moyers interviews Sandra Steingraber

Letter From Sandra from Jailwin

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