Another Crude Oil Train Explosion

To Friends of all river communities, and the Mississippi River:

Location of today’s derailment: This one beside open backwaters of our precious river, on tracks south of Galena, IL – southeast of Dubuque, IA. Remote area, 5 or so cars. Huge flames and explosions. This time CRUDE OIL, almost certainly highly inflammable Bakken Crude being raced to the coast for processing and sale to highest bidders. (Think sales in liters.)

Recall that when KWWL Channel 7 out of Waterloo/Cedar Falls, IA did research following recent ethanol derailment north of Dubuque, they learned that derailments AVERAGED 1,300 per year in U.S. over the past 5-years. And we know rail traffic is going to increase tremendously through communities beside the Mississippi. Where are property values headed?

When and where will the next derailment happen beside the Mississippi and into the most visited refuge in the nation???

Why aren’t corporations in North Dakota required to mix stabilizing substances with Bakken Crude the way other companies do it in Texas and Oklahoma???

What is the real story behind DOT 111 “rail bombs” still running on tracks in U.S.???

We ignore this issue at our own peril if we live anywhere near rail lines paralleling the Mississippi. And obviously, crude oil derailments threaten the Upper Miss. Refuge like nothing else.

When decisions impacting all that we value are made, “We either have a seat at the table, or, we are on the menu!!!!”

Please be prepared to go to work on these relatively new and highly important issues.

KWWL TV Channel 7 out of Waterloo/Cedar Falls, and KCRG TV Channel 9 carried this derailment on their evening news. I’m sure other news outlets will be carrying it soon. Tune in or go online to learn more. . . . . . .


  1. Thanks for posting Pat. This is one struggle sand at the front, crude at the back.

  2. Paul Wulterkens says:

    Current lack of enforcement ignores growing threats of Bakken oil
    explosions so extensive and toxic, fire chiefs have testified that
    “even if we had an infinite amount of foam,” the fires and toxic
    emissions would continue until all fuel had been exhausted, killing
    people and destroying wide swaths of land and riverbanks as they
    burned. Railroads are making secret decisions and hiding documents to
    such an extent, the federal Department of Transportation says it’s
    “impossible to know” to what extent railroads have prioritized or
    ignored safety in choosing routes. Railroads have also lobbied against
    federal regulatory efforts aimed at retrofitting tank cars for greater
    safety. Congress and the White House, Homeland Security and the FRA
    need to address the danger of Bakken oil explosions before disaster strikes.

    That’s why I signed a petition to Joseph C. Szabo, Administrator, Federal Railroad Administration, which says:

    “It’s time the Federal Railroad Administration enforces existing law
    requiring regulation to preserve health and safety in communities
    adjacent to railroad traffic, particularly in metropolitan areas.

    Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:


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