What Happens to the U.S. Midwest When the Water’s Gone?

‘Death Awaits’: Africa Faces Worst Drought in Half a Century

Pumped beyond limits, many U.S. aquifers in decline

Here Comes the Sea: The Struggle to Keep the Ocean out of California’s Coastal Aquifers

Has California’s megadrought already begun?

The Greatest Water Crisis In The History Of The United States

As Lake Mead hits record lows and water shortages loom, Arizona prepares for the worst.


São Paulo – anatomy of a failing megacity: residents struggle as water taps run dry

How Many People Will Have To Migrate Out Of California When All The Water Disappears?

Watch California Dry Up Right Before Your Eyes In 6 Jaw Dropping GIFs

California Is Turning Back Into A Desert And There Are No Contingency Plans

A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water

Alarm bells toll for human civilization as world’s 12th largest mega-city to run out of water in just 60 days

If You Think the Water Crisis Can’t Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained

NOAA Winter Outlook: California Drought Will ‘Intensify,’ Polar Vortex II ‘Unlikely’

Super-rich make last stand against California drought

Not One Drop: How Long Will California Survive Life Without Water?

7 GIFs That Will Convince You Just How Scary the Drought in the West Is

Las Vegas Will Go Dry If Water Levels Drop 7% Further – Lake Mead Hits Record Lows

California water infrastructure on verge of historic collapse

Drought apocalypse begins in California as wells run dry

Humanity May Face Choice By 2040: Conventional Energy Or Drinking Water

The Drought Goes From Bad To Catastrophic

Drought Drains Lake Mead to Lowest Level as Nevada Senator Calls for Government Audit!

California City Will Fine Couple $500 For Not Watering Brown Lawn, State Will Fine’em $500 If They Do

California Drought Cuts Water for Farming to Record Lows

20 Signs The Terrible Drought In The Western US Is Starting To Become Catastrophic

Las Vegas Is More “Screwed”; Drought Drains Lake Mead To Lowest Since Hoover Dam Built

Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

25 Shocking Facts About The Earth’s Dwindling Water Resources

Parched: A New Dust Bowl Forms in the Heartland

Oklahoma’s Extreme Drought Has Wheat Farmers Bracing For Worst

Dust In The Wind: Dust Bowl Conditions Have Returned To Kansas, Oklahoma And North Texas

Dozens of Texas communities with less than 90 days of water

California city looks to sea for water in drought

This is the way the world ends: Once in a millennium drought a wakeup call for America


Looking At Third Year Of Water Shortage, Rice Farmers Considering Expensive Alternatives

Drought Stokes California’s Class War

Water: The Next Great Technological Frontier

California Gov. Jerry Brown Faces Protests Over Fracking as Epic Drought Looms

Drought drags on: Storms didn’t quench Calif.’s thirst

Uncharted Territory in California Drought: Difficult Decisions Weigh on Ranchers

Drought Damages Vines as California Wineries Go Thirsty

Gold Rush Ghost Town Bodes Ill for California Power Flow: Energy

15 Reasons Why Your Food Prices Are About To Start Soaring

200 Years of Scorchitude: Proffessor Warns California To Brace for Mega-Drought!

Trading Water For Fuel is Fracking Crazy

It’s Going to Be A Slow Painful, Agonizing Death For Farmers

Brazil Rations Water in 140 Cities, Worst Drought in Decades

California Seeing Brown Where Green Used To Be

Fracking’s Terrifying Water Usages Spells Disaster!

Texas is fracked: More than 30 towns will soon be out of water

Spread of Hydrofracking Could Strain Water Resources in West, Study Finds

Fracking Water withdrawals suspended due to drought.

Things Could Get Ugly’: Fracking Set to Escalate US Water Warshref=

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