Transportation Issues

Danger on the Rails: a 5 mim video

Eagle Point to take closer look at 95th Avenue overpass

Train derails in Northern Ontario, heightening safety fears

Freight train carrying crude oil derails near Illinois city

Residents asked to stay indoors after CN train derails, catches fire in northern Ontario

Striking New Report Finds Oil Trains Put 25 Million Americans at Risk

Derailed CSX train in West Virginia hauled newer-model tank cars

After Latest US Oil Train Disaster, Expert Says Tens of Millions Living Inside ‘Blast Zone’

Video of W Virginia Oil Train Explosion.

‘Breaking’ news: January sees five major pipeline leaks

Federal Court Order: Explosive DOT-111 “Bomb Train” Oil Tank Cars Can Continue to Roll

So – you thought opposition to the Keystone Pipeline was pure and noble and environmentally based..!?!

Could Keystone Be America’s Last Pipeline?

Trains plus crude oil equals trouble down the track

CARS Calls Attention to Deteriorating Local Bridges

Townships, Counties and States Awakening to Road Repair Bills

The oil pipeline few have heard of will triple flow under St. Croix …tks Jim

Aerial drone views of Lynchburg, VA train disaster:

Aerial photos of Lac Megantic, Quebec (scroll down to slideshow):

More trains lead to more crashes with vehicles in Wisconsin

As rail moves frac sand across the Wisconsin landscape, new conflicts emerge

The new oil crisis: Exploding trains. (3 Pages)

Runaway Train:The Reckless expansion of crude-by-rail

Disastrous Record Shows Tank Car Hazard NTSB takes the lead in CSX oil train wreck, politicians call for oil-by-rail regulations

More Dirty, Dangerous Tar Sand Crude Coming Wisconsin’s Way

CSX Train Carrying 8,000 Tons of Coal Derails in Company’s Second Wreck in 24 Hours

Explosive Virginia Train Carried Fracked Bakken Oil, Headed to Potential Export Facility

Latest Oil Train Derailment a ‘Wake-up Call’ for Renewable Energy

Derailed US train bursts into flames in Lynchburg

Drone View of Derailed Oil Train

Breaking: CSX Railroad “Bomb Train” Carrying Crude Oil Explodes in Lynchburg, Virginia

Proposed Two-Man Crews for RR

DOT-111 Reader

Safety and reliability issues plaguing railroads across the state

Federal Government Shares Blame for Lac-Megantic Rail Disaster

New England on ‘High Alert’ After Canadian Pipeline Reversal Approved

Enbridge seeks 760,000 bpd pipeline to Lake Superior

Hawkins Calls for Moratorium on Oil Shipment By Rail and No Tar Sands Oil in New York

Fed Issues Emergency Rules on Shipments of Crude Oil

Oil Spill Shuts Down 65 Miles of Mississippi River

Lawsuit to Protect Endangered Wildlife, Millions of People From Oil Spills Along Hudson River

information on DOT111 Rail cars

Are Fracking Fluids to Blame for Railcar Explosions?

Kentucky Gas Explosion Keeps Fossil Fuel Disaster Streak Alive

Tracks at site of Pennsylvania oil train derailment cleared -operator (Sure they were!)

List of derailments Between Jan 1, 2014 and Feb 13, 2014..What a record!..Thanks Alan

Train carrying oil, propane derails in Vandergrift

Another Derailment Highlights Danger of Transporting Crude by Train

Railroad Safety issues

Reject the Keystone Pipeline Once and For All #1

Reject the Keystone Pipeline Once and For All #2

Reject the Keystone Pipeline Once and For All #3

Pipeline Rupture!

Video on TarSands Spill

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