We are supposed to believe, despite the fact that we are likely heading into the worst depression ever, that after EOG finishes removing valuable sand from this area and shipping it elsewhere (including Saudi Arabia), that they will vacuum up all the tons of dust that they spill onto and around the site and return the area to a like-old condition.
In addition they will pay back the loans our Chippewa Citizens made them (with interest) and Chippewa will be a better place, despite the 500,000+ pounds of toxic and non-toxic dust that it spread out over Chippewa and the surrounding areas each year they were in operation.


  1. Are you embarrassed yet? Have you seen the movie, “Dumb and Dumber” ??

    I live near the plant in question and it has been and will be a great asset to the community, providing jobs and revenue for 30 or 40 years minimum. I don not work there or for any other sand company, but I like to think I may have that option as do thousands of other people. Some of you people mean well, and some of you are out there like Pluto. Bottom line is you are all wrong. There are no risks any more so than with any large scale business, there is no “toxic” sand. Wow, it’s one thing to be wrong but to be so easily influenced……..

    • Wow, talk about denial! I am not easily influenced, and try hard to believe that innate goodness resides in everyone, even try to believe that big industry such as coal, oil, gas, steel, has our better interests at heart. haha But living in a state with little to no ethical environmental standards set in place for our air, water, soil, leading to vastly increased rates of cancer, asthma, etc., of our children, lies about reclamation sites, by whom else, big business, big coal, big steel, has vastly changed my mind. But that does not stop me from caring about my neighboring states, and I will try to educate the clueless, or as you prefer, the ‘dumb and dumber.’

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