Bridge Repair

Gary Stone, plant manager says that the sand will come into the plant by truck, be washed and processed; 60% will be shipped out by train North, and 40% over the Chippewa Crossing when that bridge becomes available. The rail bridge over which the heavy rail cars must cross is really old and can’t support the weight, so it has to be rebuilt if it is going to be used. If sand does go that way it has to travel near a residential area which includes a golf course, fine restaurant, an assisted living facility, nice condos, duplexes and large apartment buildings with lots of children. Until then it has to be shipped out by truck along Seymour Cray Boulevard to Hwy 29 and then South on Hwy 53.

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Rumor has it that our city council obligated us to pay $750,000 for strengthening or replacing this old bridge.
We are trying to get confirmation one way or the other on this rumor.

Rumor has it that our city council obligated us to pay $750,000 for strengthening or replacing this old bridge.
We are trying to get confirmation one way or the other on this rumor.


  1. Sand-Frac Mining the Focus of Thursday, 9/13/12 Meeting

    Great event coming up tomorrow night in New Richmond featuring Guest Speakers, Jerry Lausted from Save the Hills Alliance, Pilar Gerasimo from the Regional Sand Resource Group and Save Our Knapp Hills, and James Drost, an expert in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering.


  2. Great news for Dunn Co. area groups. Keep up the hard work!

    Sand project dealt setback in Dunn County – Leader-Tel​egram: Front Page

    The Dunn County Board is scheduled to consider a recommendation by the Planning, Resources and Development Committee against rezoning property to allow silica sand to be loaded at a site north of U.S. 12 between 330th Street and Highway K in the town of Menomonie.

    The County Board will discuss the issue Sept. 19.

  3. Jane Schley says:

    No date is on this entry. Is this current or old news? Folks need to have dates so they know
    what battles are being fought.
    Is this the R/R bridge just north of Chippewa Falls? Dates are also important so we can call City Council about the $750,000. If this is old news, we can still call but on a different “track”-
    so to speak.
    Thanks for your hard work for so many years, Pat. You were right before and you still are!

  4. If you kids are anywhere near the tracks your just looking for a funeral. Not to mention its trespassing.

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