Stories about Fracking, Sand Mining and the Earth

Fatigue, Migraines Linked to Fracking as Case Builds for National Ban

Superior Silica Sands has announced a mass layoff

Residents concerned about pit development, file suit

Tar Sands Action/ Josh Fox

How a Fracking Company Tried to Buy Pennsylvania Residents’ Approval For $50,000

Oklahoma Earthquake Rate Breaking Records, and Fracking Could Be to Blame

What happens to Fido when fracking comes to town?

Breaking: $3 Million Jury Verdict in Texas Fracking Nuisance Case

Big Oil and Bad Air: Report Exposes Link Between Fracking and Toxic Air Emissions in Texas (video)

Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale: Big Oil & Bad Air on the Texas Prairie

Fracking Boom Leaves Texans Under a Toxic Cloud

Fracking Is A Field of Broken Promises

Swarms of Earthquakes Shake up Shale Gas Fields

Residents of Maiden Rock, WI describe what it’s like to live next to a giant industrial sand mine that operates 24/7

Woman Describes Life “Trapped” in Frac Sand Mining District – 3:18 Fracking Hell: the Untold Story

Life around a Fracking site

Big Energy Means Big Pollution

Fracking Ourselves to Death in Pennsylvania. From EchoWatch

Short video from CO on problems with air pollution/contamination

Testimonies from Frac Workers … 3 years and their health has been ruined..Moving stories

A short TED Clip on what we are doing to our Earth! Geat shot of the oil sands desolation

Methane Gas From Fracking: My Symptoms

Sand, Silica and Dirty Air.. (Chippewa Herald 3/22/2013 by Dale McGraw)

Maiden Rock residents & business owners talk about what the Sand Mine has done to their town.

Tar Sands Pollution refugees

MountainTop removal (similar to what’s happening in Wisconsin)

I can’t breathe

Oil related problems in ND Spoiling McKeesey Marsh

Health Care Problems in North Dakota

Amery WI Sinus, Skin Problem

Dirty filters at the New Auburn School

Fracking our Food Supply

Illinois Livestock falling Ill

Fouled water strains Butler County residents | TribLIVE

Frac Sand Mining and Health in Wisconsin

Animal Health Experts testimonies; (click on video)

Outstanding story abt Germany & renewable energy

Health Effects of Shale Gas Extraction

Federal Approach to dealing with Shale Gas re: Health Issues (49 min lecture)

Worker Exposure It’s the Silica – Stupid in Fracing and Frac Sand Mining

France Says No to Genetically Modified Crops, No to Fracking

Songs against Drilling

Horrifying dangers of fracking

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