Sand & $

Investors Crushed as US Natural Gas Drillers Blow Up

Fall in oil prices impacts local sand production

James J. Drost: Sand mining bad for tourism, health

The Economic Benefits and Costs of Frac- Sand Mining in West Central Wisconsin

The sand demand: Finding opportunities beyond direct shale plays

There’s Not Enough Sand To Satisfy America’s Insatiable Fracking Demand

Sand Scheme: Local Mine Claims It Is Victim Of Million Dollar Fraud

Record 36% of North Dakota Fracked Gas Was Flared in December

Self dealing County Commissioner

Scott Walker’ Sand Grab: Wisconsin Wants a Piece of the Fracking Boom, No Matter Who Gets Hurt

Gauley Bridge Disaster, Breathing Silica Sand

The big money from here on out is in moving frac sand out of state fast and efficiently

Why Koch and Sand go Hand in Hand

Does it matter if Fracking hurts small businesses?

How does the Frac Sand Industry tie into World Economy?

Is Frac Sand Hauling a Risky Business?

What happens to Property Values when Sand Industry moves in?

Economic Multipliers: Does $1 really = $7 ?

How Long will the Frac Job last ?

Are frac sand industry sponsored economic impact studies accurate ?

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