Access Roads

Our City Council has floated a $1,750,000 bond to construct Access Roads into the Sand Plant so that the heavily loaded trucks can get onto and off of our city streets, run electric power to the site, and construct water and sewer lines to the plant.

Thursday, November 6, 2008 12:06 PM CST

Canadian Sand and Proppant’s plan to build a sand processing plant in Chippewa Falls got the backing of the city council on Tuesday. The council voted 5-2, with council members Brian Flynn and Susan Zukowski voting against, to accept the recommendation of the city’s Plan Commission in granting a conditional use permit.
The permit allows Canadian Sand and Proppants Inc. to exceed the city’s building height limit of 60 feet. City Clerk Lynne Bauer said four people spoke to the council in opposition to the processing plant. Even if the council had turned down the commission’s recommendation, the decision to grant a permit would not have been reversed. The decision whether to grant a permit is the commission’s. The council did vote 5-2, with Zukowski and Flynn voting against, to approve spending up to $8,000 on a developer’s agreement, which includes bond documents for the project.  This CUP was passed on to EOG.

By The Chippewa Herald


  1. Who should pay ?

    To people affected by the new Sand Mining, here is something to consider. This is not a strict Sand Mine issue but related to the Railroad Industry, our roads and Government.
    Proponents of the Industry say it brings money into the community, but where in the community?

    There is a new Railroad terminal on Business Hwy 29 in Chippewa Falls, WI for heavy Container trucks and soon, I am sure, Sand trucks. This highway is the main road in and out of the City of CF and now, in addition to the normal heavy traffic on the road, there is now Container trucks, up to 40+ a day.

    The road now has to be paved and the Corporations tearing up the road are not being asked to help fix it. Instead, the City is asking the Residential Property Owners who live on road to pay.

    The City is levying a Blacktop fee (?) of $18.75 per foot to Residential Property Owners, resulting in fees of $1,500-3,000 per citizen. No new services like sidewalk, etc – just maintenance.

    No other community charges for paving – for the privilege of being bombarded by noisy traffic.

    How it is supposed to work ?
    We all pay Gas taxes & License fees to the state. The State then allocates the funding to any Municipality when there is a road project – those Funds are than used to pave the road.

    Except here – the State gave the City 100% funding to pave the road 8 years ago – it was spent elsewhere.

    The Corporations say they pay more License fees, etc. for their Trucks. Fine, then our government should be allocating those funds appropriately: those fees should go to maintaining the roads they are stressing.

    These heavily used roads will have to be fixed more often. A normal road will last 20-25 years where a road with heavy use by Sand or Container trucks might only last 5-10.

    Recently the City of CF was pleased to announce the Sand Industry brought in more Tax revenue than expected and they have extra funds. Shouldn’t those funds be used to pave the road used by the Railroad instead of levying a unlawful assessment on its citizens.

    Why is this being brought up? Because we are worrying about the Sand and Railroad Industry, and well we should, but we should also be questioning where all this new money is going and what is being done with it.

    Privatize the Gains: the profits from the Corporations go to shareholders & government.
    Socialize the losses: the cost of fixing up infrastructure goes to the citizens.

    So, when the Sand or Railroad Industry comes into to your area and your leaders say how much money is coming in, ask where exactly it is going. You should be very concerned.

    This is how the Corporations make money. They get the municipality to give them access to the infrastructure, which is paid for my someone else.

    If they give concessions to Them, they have to make it up somewhere.

    That would be YOU !

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