Water Pollution

Questions & Answers About Drought & Water Conservation

10 Reasons Why We Should Not Waste Water

Water-Saving Technology You Should Care About

8 Water-Saving Home Renovations

How Does Eating Meat Impact Your Water Footprint?

Drought Resistant Landscaping

Lawn Care Before, During and After a Drought

America Is Suffering From A Very Real Water Crisis That Few Are Acknowledging

New Federal Report Shows Dimock Water Was Unsafe to Drink After All

Meet the man who showed fracking contaminates water

Evidence that there are wells contaminated by Fracking

Confirmed: California Aquifers Contaminated With Billions Of Gallons of Fracking Wastewater

3 Billion Gallons Of Fracking Wastewater Pumped Into Clean California Aquifiers: “Errors Were Made” State Admits

Treating fracking wastewater results in new unsafe compounds

243 cases of water well contamination in Penn.

California Halts Fracking Waste Injections; Fears “Danger To Life, Health, & Natural Resources”

Scientists: Fracking Linked to Groundwater Contamination

Groundbreaking Report Calculates Damage Done by Fracking

Government “Study” refutes claims of pollution to water supplies

Frac Sand Fever, Flocculents and Public Health Fears

Fears Confirmed: Offshore Drilling a Toxic Mess

Waste Without Borders: Fracking’s Dilemma

Professor explains how Fracking Wells pollute water and air

Wisconsin waters threatened by tar sands crude oil expansion


Jay believes Willful Obfuscation Rampant in EPA, DPA and Industry Reports

PA DEP Whitewashes Franklin Forks Water Contamination

EPA Debunks Claims of Water Pollution & Methane from Fracking

What The Frack Is Going On?

On Faith and Fracking

Health Effects of Water Contamination.

The Face of Fracking Victims

Natural Gas Exposed


  1. ” We are a water dependent species, not a gas/coal/oil dependent species” The oil/gas/coal industry would have us believe otherwise. I really believe their hearts are as black as the oil, gas, sand, coal they rip asunder from deep within earth.

  2. the whisperer says:

    Well orchestrated mapping. This effort is taking on a life of its own, thanks to committed people.

    The mayor of Chippewa Falls says that inevitably, sand mining was to come to this area. However, it didn’t have to come into the city limits of Chippewa Falls to do the dirtiest part of the operation: processing. Knowing that hydraulic fracturing would be pushed as a method of extracting natural gas and oil we could assume that the special sand here would be valuable………………..but obviously only to the gas and oil industry. Nothing will come back to the city in terms of value. Nothing has been requested and little result except the SALE of our valuable water.

    If you have read the Fortune 500 magazine lately, you would learn that EOG Resoures has given up on natural gas extraction and moved into the Bakken in North Dakota, purchased huge acreages of property and will use our beautiful hills, bluffs and ridges to extract oil . We can be assured that the frac sand will go west out of Chippewa Falls to the fracking fields if this is true. sand

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