Truck Noise

There is a reason that people working around heavy machinery wear ear protectors. They don’t want to have to wear hearing aids when they get older.


Do we really want hundreds of trucks thundering up and down our streets every day? That’s 500+ truck trips per day, 600+ until they fix the railroad bridge, and who knows how long that will take?

Truck exaust

Diesel fumes can irritate lung tissues.
Small particles found in diesel exhaust fumes can penetrate into the lungs of children, research indicates.
The study is the first offering what is said to be conclusive evidence that particles from diesel exhaust reach, and are taken up by, cells that reside on the deepest part of the lung. Are 20 jobs worth ruining the lungs of our children and ourselves? Read more in the “Health” section.

Residents in the proposed plant area say there is already too much traffic outside their homes.
One elderly lady who wears a back brace 24/7 has to wait for traffic to clear now so she can hobble across the road to get her mail. She is worried that with all the increased traffic she won’t be able to do that any more.

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