Misc figures

Miscellaneous figuring:

According to Canadian Sand and Propants Inc., at full capacity there will be 80 rail cars per day into the plant.
It takes 4 trucks to empty 1 rail car so that is 320 trucks per day to cart it away.
If the bridge can’t handle the rail cars and it has to come into the plant by truck, that is 640 truck trips per day.
If the trucks all use the same road, that is 640 trucks divided by 24 hrs or 26.6 trucks per hour or one truck every 2.5 minutes if they are evenly spaced out. If they only run 12 hours per day to minimize noise complaints, that is 1 truck every 75 seconds. That’s almost enough time for an old lady to cross the road to get her mail if she hurries.

The DNR’s Roger Fritz 608-266-1201 told me that the smoke stacks are approved to spew 56 pounds of Silica Dust and other particulate matter into our air per hour. 56 x 24 = 1,344 pounds per day, 40,320 pounds per month, 483,840 pounds per year.
If you assume that there are now 6000 families in Chippewa that is 83 pounds of dust per family. How much of that dust is Toxic Silica nobody knows. Dust is pretty light, so I am looking for someone who can give us an idea of what kind of volume 83 pounds of dust takes up. I would guess it is more than a large trash bag of fine toxic dust per family.

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