Risk to respiratory Health

Risks to Respiratory Health

Sand Gold Rush


  1. Vera Hemminger says:

    I live about one half mile from the center of the new sand plant in Chippewa Falls.
    The sand mine is not even operating yet and I have sand on my deck, my window sills, in my rain guage, and on the house siding. Before EOG I never found this kind of dirt in these places. I know it’s probably the dust from building and digging to place the buildings and I can only hope that the dust will be gone once the building is in place. I can no longer hang my clothes outside. I remember the ‘good old days’ when things were clean, noise from trucks were almost absent, the birds were more prevelent, deer used to come through here and turkeys. I made a mistake to move to what I thought was a piece of paradise.
    Vera Hemminger

  2. This video is on Coal Dust, but their problems are similar.

  3. Here’s a video interview with the Red Wing woman who lost her husband to silicosis. She heard about the Windsor Permian silica mine project and wrote a letter to the Red Wing newspaper. I brought a camera over to her
    house, and she told me her story. There are more videos on the right of the page.

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