Cowardly Malcontents

This section on our site is for writers who use fake names when they submit hateful comments.
They do this to avoid responsibility for the vituperation and frustration that they spout.
They lie about their name so that nobody will know who they are. Most of the time they can’t spell very well and use small words.

Personally I place little value on the words of admitted liars, but you may read them if you wish.



  1. Open letter to Ishmael
    We want to save the hills for ourselves and future generations. These hills store and filter water, provide habitat for wildlife, indirectly take in carbon dioxide an produce oxygen for us to breath, and are things of beauty. Unfortunately we have not been very successful in this endeavor since the mines and plants seem to be sprouting like mushrooms. Claims by the mining companies that they will “reclaim” the land and make it at least equal to what it was before they tore it up are just fabrications to mollify those who care about future productivity of the land. This reclamation idea has been around a long time, and it is a proven failure. The best that will happen to “Reclaimed” land is future productivity will be way down. In many cases only some weeds will grow there, not trees, not farm crops, not ever. In addition we are sorely concerned that scraping off the protection over our underground aquifers will result in pollution of our water supply.

    This website has been open to all for comments in the hope that these comments would be constructive and polite. I have encouraged people to use their given names rather than pen names so we could know who we were listening to. You have chosen to remain anonymous
    which indicates to me that you are ashamed of us knowing your identity.

    There have been many calls to terminate your access as your name calling and bullying detract from the informational purpose of this site. As webmaster I have resisted limiting your access to the comment section in the interest of fairness and free speech, but your negativity, name calling, and overall bullying have lead me to the conclusion that you have said your piece, we know where you stand, and we don’t need to put up with more vituperation.

    Therefore it is with regret that I will no longer accept comments from Ishmael.

    Hank Boschen

  2. Heather Andersen says:

    Sometimes no retort is the best retort.
    Heather Andersen

  3. Anonymous says:

    Get lost tree huggers. Tired of your crap. Everytime opportunities rise to put people to work, someone has to bitch about it!. If a land owner wants to sell his land for sand use, it is his decision. We need economy or money flowing in this country. No matter what happens in this country or state, someone is not going to be happy. If you want gas for your car, fuel to heat your home or many of the milliions of other legit reasons, think about your tree hugging ideas a little bit. You don’t want lung cancer, do breath the crap. Give Al Gore a call, maybe he will back you up! In case you haven’t noticed, much of the farm areas where sand is is not being used any more. People have to do what they need to do to survive if tough times. If I hand frac sand under me, it would be sold tomorrow, so get lost and find something else to bitch about!

Courteous, concise comments relevant to the topic are welcome, whether or not they agree with the views that predominate here. Long rants proclaiming the infallibility of your own views or favorite ideology will not be posted, neither will repeated attempts to hammer on a point already addressed, nor will comments containing profanity, abusive language, flame-baiting and name calling. Please indicate precisely what you are blogging about. I just got a post from ? E-Mail ? which said: "Is this going to be OUR furture??. I have no idea what they were referring to and no way to contact them. This is why we prefer comments that are signed by actual persons who leave their E-Mail address (it won't be published) so they can be contacted if questions arise.

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