Climate Change

Perfect Storm Gathering off America’s West Coast

Greenhouse gas levels rising at fastest rate since 1984

Be a part of the largest climate march in history:

What the Anti-Fracking Movement Brings to the Climate Movement

White House’s Alarming Climate Change Study Calls For ‘Urgent Action’!

Siberian Crater Mystery Solved

With Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change, Things Could Get Worse

Global warming data FAKED by government to fit climate change fictions

Enough of the climate-denying clowns, say BBC bigwigs

California Governor Is Big on Talk, Weak on Climate Action

Antarctic Sea Ice Growing Despite Global Warming Warnings

Climate: Will We Lose the Endgame?

Winter Is Coming for Global Warming: Is Climate Change the Hoax of the Century?

Awkward: Four former EPA heads refuse to corroborate Obama’s global warming claims

Fracking is the problem that masquerades as a solution. by Sandra Steingraber

Yosemite’s Massive Rim Fire Fueled by Climate Change

Climate Cooling: Global Warming Advocates do not read this.

House Votes To Deny Climate Science And Ties Pentagon’s Hands On Climate Change

The Future of An Illusion: (an overall look at our future)

Conservative Climate Panel Warns World Faces ‘Breakdown Of Food Systems’ & More Violent Conflict


Scarborough: Left ‘Overreached’ on Climate Change

Which U.S. City Will Be the First Submerged by Climate Change?

Scientists Slam Latest Doomsday Climate Report

Top Scientists Slam and Ridicule UN IPCC Climate Report…(In depth article)

Climate Disruptions, Close to Home: NY Times; “Opinion” Pages

Climate Disruptions, Close to Home


Administration issues dire global warming report, amid regulatory push

The 12 things the Obama administration wants you to know about climate change

Germany’s Green Energy Revolution May Be on Verge of Failure

China Takes On Big Risks in Its Push for Shale Gas

Denialism: from Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Newsletter

Hats, Scarves & Blankets At Home: How The “Energy Poor” Go Green

Shale, the Last Oil and Gas Train: Interview with Arthur Berman

The Koch Attack on Solar Energy

European Firms Seek to Minimize Russia Sanctions

Running Out Of Time

Excerpt from a sarjuna homestead letter

First Episode of “Years of Living Dangerously”

UN Report: Climate Change Already Decimating Life, Worst to Come

Climate change ‘already affecting food supply’ – UN

Panel’s Warning on Climate Risk: Worst Is Yet to Come

Wake up! Here is what Common Dreams Says about “Human Caused Global Warming”

Climate Change Could Push and Intensify Global Terrorism – Pentagon

Global Warming/Climate Change by Tom DeWeese

Is Global Warming A Hoax?

Co-founder of Greenpeace denounces man made global warming hoax

Draft UN Climate Report Reveals Future ‘We’re Not Prepared For’

Financier Plans Big Ad Campaign on Climate Change

The Death Knell for Climate Change Orthodoxy?

CBS Blames Global Warming For Harsh Winter Weather!

Climate Change is Here and Could Lead to Armed Conflict.

A Severe Winter Breaks Budgets as Well as Pipes

Kansas House Resists Federal Climate Change Plan

PRIMO! Purposely Confusing World of Energy Politics, by Richard Heinberg (w/ “Cliff Notes”)

If Ocean Heat Pump Switches On, Expect To Feel It The End Of SNOW?

Chasing Ice (The film trailer) Video is available on NetFlix, possibly also at your local library; Tkx Jay

Nation On Fire: Climate Change and the Burning of America

There is No Warming “Pause,” study says Planet, Oceans Burning up

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