Editorial Opinions

Where To Go From Here America?…Will There Be Anything Left?

The world without America

US Energy Independence: Another Pipe Dream, Says Analyst

Dangerous Times: Inspector Clouseau Brings Peace

Barack Hussein Obama’s Stealth Muslim Immigration Jihad

What Took Hitler A Decade

Can the Communist Democrats Be Stopped?

Water Wars are coming

Hillary Clinton’s Achilles Heel

A Day That Should Live In Infamy

Obama’s Noble Lies, by Victor David Hansen

Obama vs. Galileo: The ‘Fixes’ Won’t Save the System. The Facts Have Won By Michael Ledeen

House Energy Bills Would Unleash Fracking Free-for-All on Public Lands

Oprah, Take Off Those Black-and-White Glasses

Water Shortages Could Dry Up Gas Craze

Ready For Rationing?

The World I’ve Known Has Come To An End

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