How to have your water tested

Maybe you have not heard that the DNR has reported there is some leaching out of heavy metals caused by low pH and high sulfides in some layers of sand stone.
On June 23 in Eau Claire, a DNR guy gave us the bad news.  Heavy metals can make drinking water toxic. Several wells have had to be replaced due to leaching our of arsenic. It is caused by oxygen getting into the metals caused by the digging out of the sandstone layers. The Tunnel City formation seems to be the formation with the sulfides causing oxidation. Many pipes are rotting away in these areas. The one well in Turtle Lake had to be replace, pieces of sulfide have been found in Barron Co. by USGS person (but that person left and told the sulfide sample with him before it could be tested). Two deep wells in the bluffs in the LaCrosse area have had to be replaced at costs of $58,000 and $59,000 each. People should have their wells tested!!!! Before mining occurs and/or after…………..the water can cause big time problems.

The worst part is that when the waste is put back into the mines during reclamation and there are heavy metals in that waste, the heavy metals can further pollute wells and/or the aquifer. If you don’t believe me, call Dave Johnson in Madison at the DNR office.  I believe I sent you the power point that describes the problem but I have talked with others about it too. Dave works on permitting high caps wells. It was a DNR gal who discovered the problem by finding fluctuations in the ph levels around the area during testing of the water. The findings are in their infant stages.

Many have asked me where they could have their water tested.There are some labs that do not test for heavy metals. One has to have the entire array done. Otherwise sand companies will make the owner of the well pay the entire expense. It is up to the public to prove that leaching of heavy metals was caused by mining.Pat

Testing your well water

Clean Wisconsin’s report, Don’t Drink the Water, found molybdenum levels beyond state enforcement levels in nearly half the wells tested in Southeastern Wisconsin alone. Homeowners and residents who depend on private wells can have their water tested to best ensure safety.
Clean Wisconsin is seeking water testing records, particularly molybdenum, boron and arsenic, from around the state to help expand the report and tell a clearer story about drinking water safety.
Following is a list of Wisconsin-certified labs that test for molybdenum, boron and arsenic, as well as other contaminants:
For a complete list of Wisconsin certified labs, click here. When contacting a lab near you regarding testing, be sure to ask if they are certified to test for molybdenum, arsenic and boron and any other contaminants you may be interested in.
Once you have your results, email them to

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