The only true ban on fracking

Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox


In New York, the grit and determination of thousands of people have kept the oil and gas industry from fracking one well in our beautiful state.

But we are far from frack free.

Fracked gas is still being piped into New York City apartments, natural gas pipelines are scheduled to cut through New York farmlands, fracking wastewater is being treated along with our drinking water and purposed LNG ports threaten our beaches.

If we are going to truly ban fracking here in New York and around the country, we need to start building an alternative to the catastrophic fossil fuel structure that natural gas is a part of.

We can’t say no, unless we say yes.

That’s why I hope you’ll join me for The Solutions Grassroots Tour in Brooklyn. I’ll be hosting the performance on September 22nd.


Directed by Josh Fox

September 21st-September 23rd at 7:30PM

Irondale Theater, Brooklyn


The Solutions Grassroots Tour is a groundbreaking theater, film and concert event that gives communities the tools and resources to develop renewable energy.

We know there’s tremendous influence from the fossil fuel industry on our government. If we’re going to take the vision of running our country on 100% renewable energy from the pages of scientific plans and make it a reality in our communities, we will need a strong, organized, grassroots movement to begin building it on the ground.

Get your tickets to The Solutions Grassroots Tour.

As a father of three, it’s often scary to think about what could happen if we don’t stop fracking and other forms of extreme fossil fuel extraction. What kind of world will my children grow up in if we don’t stop climate change? It’s almost too overwhelming to think about.

Luckily the positive alternative is stronger. When I’m out on the streets with you at marches and rallies across the country, I don’t feel scared. Being a part of the fracking movement has given me faith that we can succeed. We can ban fracking and we can build something better.

But you have to show up.

Solutions Grassroots Tour Tickets here.

Thanks and see you at the show,

Mark Ruffalo, Activist and Actor

Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox

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