Good Sunday Afternoon,

While everything below is significant, I want to stress that next weekend is the one to set aside and plan.

Most of us cannot go to NY and join the Climate March.  However there are other opportunities to make your person count. There are actions in various cities, and sometimes they are on Saturday in place of Sunday.  I tried to supply what you need to find an event near you, but am not sure the links will always work.  If necessary, try Googling Climate March, or variations thereof.

Showing massive, worldwide support is the message and our numbers can make a difference. Thank you all for staying aboard.

Please start thinking of new folks to invite to our petition (URL right below).  The numbers are momentarily dragging and could use an infusion. While enjoying our incredible weather, please remember to look around and recommit yourself to saving our planet for our children! Together we make things happen,

Lynne Oulman

(For all the below…. do not worry too much about the RSVP. While it might help organizers, the most important thing is to show up! -L)

1) From Stephanie

Saturday, September 20, 1:00 PM

Peace Arch Border Crossing

Peace Arch State Park, 19 A St,

Blaine, WA 98231

Here’s a blurb about rally:

Please share the below info and mark Saturday, September 20th for a day where Americans, Canadians and First Nation People join forces to make a statement and take a stand to protect our Salish Sea and the future of our health and environment.  Bring the spirit of hope for change and the awareness and courage to take action.  We all come from different places, different perspectives, but we all share in the air, land and water.  It’s time to come together and to protect what is sacred.

We are being welcomed by Semiahmoo First Nation, and there are speakers from the Lummi Tribe and Tsleil-Waututh First Nation.

The organizers of this event are Wilderness Committee, 350 Seattle and Georgia Strait Alliance.

Endorsing organizations include Greenpeace (US and Canada), Sierra Club BC, Washington Environmental Council, Power Past Coal, Dogwood Initiative, and Leadnow (amongst others, use “see more” on the Facebook Event Page).

Please RSVP your attendance here:


2) From The Sierra Club

Help Us Make History on September 21

It doesn’t matter whether you get to the People’s Climate March on September 21 in New York City by bus, train, bicycle, or skateboard — the important thing is to be there! The People’s Climate Train is booking seats on regularly scheduled Amtrak trains, and the Sierra Club is helping organize bus travel and ride shares from coast to coast. Get all the info you need on transportation to New York and details about the march here.



Click now to RSVP to People’s Climate March –


If you’re not in Vancouver (BC) click here to find an event near you.


3) From Terry

Ginny Wolff and Jan Woodruff — panelists for Snohomish County Train Watch

Tuesday, September 23, 6:00 PM

Everett Public Library Activity Room, 2702 Hoyt Avenue, Everett WA

Local activists to share their experiences in recent efforts

against the transport of crude-by-rail through the region

Everett, WA – Acknowledging the substantial outpouring of public interest in issues relating to rail safety at recent public presentations of the Snohomish County Train

Watch, a series of monthly strategy meetings are planned to address the risks of trains that transport coal, crude and hazmat through our community. The public is invited to

learn the latest developments on this issue and how citizens can get involved locally. At the upcoming meeting, a panel discussion will include four guest speakers who will

share their personal experiences in recent efforts against the transport of crude-by-rail through the region. Dr. Ginny Wolff of Bow, WA will discuss the proposed rail spur expansion at the Shell Puget Sound Refinery in Anacortes and what the pubic can do to give input into this important regional decision. Jan Woodruff of Anacortes will discuss the direct action and blockade of the Tesoro Anacortes Refinery in July. Mike Lapointe and Jackie Minchew, both of Everett, will discuss the direct action and blockade of oil trains at the Delta Yard last week. During the 2nd half of the meeting, the group will participate in a strategy session focusing on future activities. Upcoming regional events will be announced to encourage

public participation in issues relating to coal, crude and hazmat transports.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 @ 6:00 – 7:30pm

Everett Public Library Activity Room

2702 Hoyt Avenue

Everett, WA

Please note the new starting time of 6:00pm. Due to the recent announcement of reduced hours at the library, the meeting will start earlier at 6:00pm rather than the former

6:30pm start time. For more information or press inquiries, contact Steven Liedlich:

(425) 876-1633

4) From Gaythia


5) From Brian

Here is my op-ed in response to that campaign:


6) From Evergreen Islands

& (ARG!-L)


7) From Common Dreams via Jay


8) From Hank


9) From Robert

& here again but in video from Jay


10) From Sightlline Daily




1. DOT sued over oil shipments in older tank cars


11) From Mother Jones


12)From Annapoorne


13) From Common Dreams –‘They’re Right’: Citing Climate, Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Coal

& via Tom



14) From Jay


Lynne’s Disclaimer

I am just a citizen with no obligation to any particular group. I started the petition 2 years ago, when Gregoire was Washington’s governor (hence her name is listed). All the listed recipients have received their copies. Every now and then, I print a hardcopy to share with various politicians and influential individuals. I will soon give a hardcopy to now WA Governor Inslee.

My emails happen when information hits a critical mass, or when an action/event is imminent. Sometimes information comes to me with little time to spare. I do my best to be accurate and try to send out responsible information.  At times, events get changed, or the internet connection gets hung up, but I try to stay on top of problems. I welcome your input and hope you find this list a way to stay connected and informed. If the emails get to be burdensome, you may unsubscribe following the link at the bottom of the petition email. If your name gets dropped by accident, simply re-sign the petition. The SignOn system eliminates duplicate signatures. SignOn manages the list, so I have no power to add or subtract a name. I may not fund raise, and the system is unable to accommodate attachments, pdf-s, or pictures.

Courteous, concise comments relevant to the topic are welcome, whether or not they agree with the views that predominate here. Long rants proclaiming the infallibility of your own views or favorite ideology will not be posted, neither will repeated attempts to hammer on a point already addressed, nor will comments containing profanity, abusive language, flame-baiting and name calling. Please indicate precisely what you are blogging about. I just got a post from ? E-Mail ? which said: "Is this going to be OUR furture??. I have no idea what they were referring to and no way to contact them. This is why we prefer comments that are signed by actual persons who leave their E-Mail address (it won't be published) so they can be contacted if questions arise.

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