Reconsider AllEnergy proposal / scare tactic

On Sunday, August 31, 2014 3:31 PM, A Wendt <> wrote:
Unfortunately, several Trempealeau County supervisors have signed on to hold a special meeting this Wednesday, September 3rd (likely 7:00 p.m.) in Whitehall to reconsider AllEnergy’s proposal. AllEnergy has stated that it will drop its pending appeal in circuit court in exchange for the County granting a permit and changing the ordinaces to accommodate their mine/processing facility/and rail load out.    
AllEnergy’s recent campaign of misinformation and scare tactics about a potential county lawsuit appears to have scared some of the county board supervisors.  While this project will affect the neighbors on Trout Run Road and County J the actions of the county board will set a precedent for future applications that might be denied, or impact decisions in regards to cities and future annexations in as much as the mining company with the most money and influence wins.
Points that should be considered:
1. AllEnergy has not been granted permission by the circuit court judge to amend its petition to include a complaint of damages.  The Judge scheduled a hearing on 9/22/14 to consider the request and will rule on a future date about this.  This is confirmed by publicly available records in the circuit court so it can be openly discussed.  Any discussions by AllEnergy of a lawsuit with damages is entirely premature and inappropriate for the county board to consider at this point.  AllEnergy and the land owners are desperate and are running out of time and arguments, so their threats of a lawsuit with damages are nothing more than empty threats.  Odds maybe against them in a lawsuit which is why they are pushing for a settlement with the County Board this week before the 9/22/14 hearing.  
2.  If the county board agrees to AllEnergy’s proposed settlement, they are effectively rendering the entire county committee review process null and void.  It will create a horrible precedent where any company in the future can make empty threats and expect to receive a permit from the County Board.  Why even have a Environment and Land Use Committee or a Board of Adjustment if the County Board is going to pull the rug from underneath these committee’s review processes?  Basically, if the County agrees to AllEnergy’s proposal, the County Board will be granting permission to every single company that wants a mining permit going forward if they go along with this.  The county might as well just set up a desk and hand permits out to anyone and everyone.    
3.  There maybe reasons why the City of Arcadia did not go along with annexing land for AllEnergy, if it is such agood plan why isn’t the city willing to proceed? 
Many of the meetings with the county and their attroney’s have been held in closed session, and that information does/and should reside only with our current county board.  Any board member past or present that is providing background, details, or substance is doing so against the counties best interest, this is against the voters and tax payers interest.  In addition to being inappropriate or unethical, it may also be considered unpatriotic.  Those members should at least be censored by the entire board.
Please call the following board members to ask them to vote NO to accepting the threats of AllEnergy.
Rob Reichwein 608-863-1760
Michelle Haines 608-323-8069
Douglas Winters  608-539-3855
Olin Femreite 715-538-4045
Wayne Skroch 715-985-3016
George Brandt 608-525-6812

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