Walker not as Smart


Asbestos FUBAR Shows Walkerites Not As Smart As Advertised

The right hand in the Governor’s office did not know what the right hand at the DNR was doing with the life-and-death issue of toxic asbestos poisoning.

While the Governor was presumably sticking it to trial lawyers by signing an industry-friendly bill thatlimits financial damages that some veterans and other asbestos victims could collect – – 

Walker signs asbestos bill opposed by veterans

 – – the DNR was blithely issuing this “Clean Air Tip of the Week” complete with a signature Cathy Stepp “!” – – a citation about Stepp’s email encouraging Halloween costumes at work! – – that is entirely out of step with the seriousness of the subject and the implications of the bill which Walker had just signed:

Clean Air Tip of the Wee

For the week of March 30, 2014:
“This year, the ADAA (Asbestos Disease Awareness Association) is celebrating Global Asbestos Awareness Week by posting “7 Facts for 7 Days.” View ADAA [exit DNR] each day this week for an asbestos related fact! You can also visit DNR’s asbestos page for more information.”

If Stepp wants us to pick out a fun fact about asbestos from her linked Awareness Week list, how about this one:

“Asbestos Not Only Kills People – It Destroys Lives” – Julie’s Story

And both Walker and the DNR will, at some point, have to face up to the likelihood that asbestos fibers are destined for the air and near the proposed GTac iron ore mine which Walker has pushed, as The New York Times explains:

Equally troubling [with acid mine run-off potential] was the more recent discovery by Tom Fitz, a geology professor at Northland College in Ashland, Wis., of a highly carcinogenic asbestos-form mineral at one of GTac’s sampling sites. The fibers of the mineral, which would be dispersed in blasting, are like tiny, breathable needles.

Now that deserves an “!”


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