Zoning Meeting 13 Feb CFC School

i know, this is confusing.  but this is the notice for the PUBLIC MEETING (where you can testify) about the rezone of Starkey from agricultural to industrial, right across from the CFC school.  there’s a meeting two days earlier (on Feb 11th) where Glacier will present their plan.  the confusing thing is that you can *also* testify at that meeting, but only for 1 minute instead of the 3 minutes you can testify at this meeting, two days later.


Zoning Committee – Industrial rezone across from CFC school – 13-Feb, 6pm – CFC School

February 13, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
CFC School Auditorium
Highway 35 (at the junction with Highway 88)

This is the public meeting to discuss rezoning the Starkey property across from CFC School.

County of Buffalo Alma, Wisconsin Notice of Public Meeting

Committee: Buffalo County Land Resources (Zoning) Committee Date: Thursday, February 13, 2014
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Cochrane Fountain City School Auditorium – S2770 State Highway 35

Public Hearing Agenda

1.    Call to Order/Roll Call
2.    Rules of Conduct for Public Hearing and Public Meeting
3.    Testimony on ReZone Petition – Individuals signed in to testify will be allowed up to (3) minutes to speak about the rezone petition – An Ordiance  entitled “An Ordinance Recommending Approval of a Rezone Petition of 350 Acres From Agricultural to Industrial”

1 – Town of Milton Residents & Landowners
2 – Buffalo County Residents & Landowners
3 – Non-Residents of Buffalo County
4 – Comments from Representatives of Cochrane-Fountain City School District (up to 10 minutes)
5 – Summary of Written & Email testimony

4. Adjourn

Public Meeting Agenda

1.    Call to Order/Roll Call
2.    Discussion – Land Resource Committee and Land Resource staff questions to Glacier Sands on Rezone Petition of Starkey and Kamrowski Property
3.    Review/Discuss/Action – Report and Recommendation to County Board of Supervisors: “Ordinance Recommending Approval of a Rezone Petition of 350 acres from Agricultural to Industrial”
4.    Adjourn

NOTICE TO: Mailed: Committee Members; Emailed: County Clerk’s Office, Brommerich News Service, County Board Chair, Alma City Clerk, Buffalo
City Clerk, Fountain City Clerk, Mondovi City Clerk
COMMITTEE MEMBERS: If unable to attend, please contact the chairperson of the committee or the County Administrator’s Office.
PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: If you require special accommodations in order to attend this meeting,please contact the County Administrator’s Office at (608) 685-6234.
PUBLIC ACCESS TO BUFFALO COUNTY COURTHOUSE: The SOUTH Entrance will be the only access to the building after 4:30 p.m. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER BY: Tom Taylor, Zoning Committee Chairperson
SIGNED: ___________________________________
Tom Taylor
Chairperson, Land Resources Committee


  1. We have been fighting the same thing… City council might annex land next to our school with the promises of big money! K-12 …. You NEED PEOPLE TO SHOW UP STRONG!!! DONT QUIT!

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