New Rail Spur in Buffalo County


This note came from Lou Anne Roby, Buffalo County. Your help is needed!

Did you know that some Buffalo County Board’s Mining Board members are trying to force through a rail spur across from C-FC schools again? They are doing their best to force this through before a new board can be seated. Not only would an unneeded rail spur draw trucks from all over the region, but school children would be constantly exposed to carcinogenic dust and dangerous traffic. Wetlands will be filled in with devastating effects to local habitat. Hwy 88 will be a nightmare if the site is approved. Right now the sand companies don’t have very many places they can take their product. They are disguising the request as a request for a grain transfer facility when there is already too much capacity in Winona. Once we get the non stop truck traffic going, we can kiss the roads good bye. Please please share this info!! We need to get lots of emails, hearing attendance and phone calls to board members ASAP. This and the outcome of county board races will determine Buffalo County’s future. There has never been a more important time to act in this fight to protect Buffalo County and surrounding areas from the devastation of strip mining. Please help get the word out!!…/lame-duck-zoning…/

This is the same group of company spokespeople and the same dressed up permit as seen in The Price of Sand.
Glacier Sands can be  witnessed laughing at citizen testimony at 49 seconds into the testimony.

CONTACT LOU ANNE ROBY :                 Lou Anne Roby <>


  1. This is very similar to what we are experiencing here in Glenwood city which is in St. Croix County. They are proposing an entire Mine be built a quarter of a mile from our K-12 school! The best bet that we have to stop it is to be contacting our legislature and our representatives and advising that silica sand should not be near a public school! There needs to be some proximity laws put in place!

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