Aerial Photo Funding Program

A picture is reputed to be worth 1000 words, especially when dealing with overwhelmed legislators and policy makers.  Thus I have copied many of Mary Kenosian and Jim Tittle’s photos onto this web site

Unfortunately getting these photos is difficult  and costly as pilot and plane cost money to operate and they are not always available.
The last photographic outing that Mary did cost her ~ $350. She would do more if funds were available. Some of you do help, and thank you for that.. Helicopters are out of the question, so we do the best we can with what we have.
I recently became aware of new technology in MicroCopters (drones if you wish) that allows outstanding photography from a GPS stabilized platform smaller than a seagull. This one is a professional grade MicroCopter with sophisticated telemetry that allows real time viewing and total control over all of the integrated camera parameters.
This new device is the answer to getting photographs and videos of Sand Plant, Train, Fracking, Pipeline and Mining operations previously restricted by lack of physical access. No need for expensive planes and pilots, or airport access either. Just charge up the batteries and drive to the site.
I have set up a funding operation using which allows startups of any size to accept contributions towards their goals.
Please click on the link below and if you can, contribute towards the goal of shining sunlight on this disaster called Fracking.
Thank you
Hank Boschen 715-226-1131


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