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I wish you and your family a productive but easy going LABOR DAY! The summer has quickly disappeared. I have spent a great deal
of it working on the repair of my computer! Fortunately after installation of a new operating system and fan, everything was recovered but it still didn’t work right!! After work today, it appears that my main problem was with the keyboard! So a new one will arrive soon. Meanwhile lots has been going on. I am sorry I have not been able to keep up on all the reporting!

I hope you have been watching CVCTV as they have been faithfully showing the legal seminar presented earlier this month. We thank them for their continuing efforts keep the public up to date on the issues related to frac sand mining.

Did you know that Goodhue County achieved an additional 6 mos of time on their moratorium. Kudos to SAVE THE BLUFFS! Their work has been amazing!

And another fantastic feat: Trempealeau County passed a moratorium! With 27 mines and more applications coming in up to Aug. 30, 2013, the county absolutely needed to have time to take a serious look at their obligations to the health, welfare and safety of all of their citizens. I am amazed at the citizen participation. They deserve lots of praise and more work than ever will be needed on the part of all to protect the area. After a drive through last Friday, I can’t tell you about all the heartbreaking information and stories I heard along with views of unbelievable catastrophe to the small region of the county I observed. 6 mines have been cited and are under the arm of the Department of Justice for their violations? How can we continue to allow this to happen?

And there is Waupaca! Citizens were bowled over to hear that the County Board finally came to their senses when they realized that Trempealeau had decided to go for a study of frac sand mining by allowing a moratorium! They, too, took a vote and also decided a moratorium was in their best interest.

In Crawford County, the turn out of people speaking on behalf of the Lower Wisconsin River was overwhelmingly favorable. The Riverway will be protected at least partially. More work continues there. Read about their request of financial assistance. Again, thanks to all of you who helped them support the effort on the part of the beautiful Wisconsin Riverway!

And then there is Chippewa County. Changes in the Non-Metallic Mining Ordinance are long over due. Despite repeated requests for a moratorium over the past years, the administration has decided that is impossible because of the political climate. So while the ordinance is being written, few know what the rules should be and their is no effort to separate out the frac sand industry regulations from sand and gravel operations. There is still time for a moratorium and there is still time to hear from the citizens about ways to protect us all from the devastating impacts of frac sand mining in Chippewa County. The question remains: will a county board member create a resolution to ask for a moratorium so that time can be given for an in depth study? Or will we in Chippewa County continue to be the “poster child” for inadequate protections of our air and water?

This Frac Sand Sentinel can be opened in one of the versions you choose: Word or PDF .  Please read. There is unending work to do!

Pat Popple
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