ACT NOW: Protect the Lower Wisconsin River from Sand Mining


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ACT NOW: Protect the Lower Wisconsin River from Sand Mining

Dear Henry,

“Yet there remains the river, in a few spots hardly changed since Paul Bunyan’s day; at early dawn…one can still hear the singing in the wilderness…”

Wisconsin sand mine pictured – a similiar sand mine is being proposed for the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.

Aldo Leopold spoke those words about the Lower Wisconsin River in 1947. Now, the Lower Wisconsin River is facing one of its most significant threats ever from a proposed 300 acre sand mine in the Town of Bridgeport.

ACT NOW: Protect the Lower Wisconsin River from Sand Mining

The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway, established through bipartisan efforts in 1989, is one of Wisconsin’s most popular and scenic water recreation areas, stretching 92 miles from Prairie du Sac to Prairie du Chien. The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board is in charge of protecting the scenic beauty and natural character of the Riverway by controlling land use and development. For close to 25 years, the Board has balanced the rights of local landowners with maintaining the natural beauty of the River.

Now, Pattison Sand Company, an out-of-state mining company with a history of environmental violations, is proposing a large industrial mine that would alter the natural character of the River. The company has rejected the many efforts to work out a compromise that would allow them to mine the roughly 250 acres in the Town of Bridgeport, for which it has already received a permit, but keep the 40 acres within the scenic corridor of the Lower Wisconsin River free from the sand mine.

ACT NOW: Protect the Lower Wisconsin River from Sand Mining

The Board of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway will make a decision about the mine at a special August 22nd meeting. While there are numerous environmental and public health concerns associated with frac sand mining, the Board has only a narrow authority to protect the scenic beauty of the River.

Tell the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board: 

Please reject any sand mining permit that:
  • Allows mine-related structures or stockpiled materials to be visible from the Wisconsin River;
  • Compromises the natural characteristics of the Wisconsin River;
  • Undermines the ability of people to recreate and enjoy the Riverway.

Act Now

Thank you for being a conservation voter,

Matt Dannenberg
Central Wisconsin Organizer
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

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