Non-metallic Mining Ordinance


There should be great concern about the non-metallic mining ordinance as posted on line at the Chippewa Co. website.
There is a hearing July 23. People should be preparing to make comments on the proposed ordinance. Some minor changes are being made but the non-metallic mining ordiance leaves much to be desired.  There are very few “teeth” and little in the way of protections. Take a look at the setbacks.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the long ordinance to get the new one in red.


July 23rd, 2013 Public Hearing Information – Zoning Ordinance Amendments

1. Public Hearing Notice

2. Zoning Ordinance – Proposed Revisions, Amendments,

Mission Statement: The Department of Planning & Zoning shall strive to protect and promote the health, safety and general welfare of all property owners and to protect the environment and physical and natural resources through the application of professional planning practices, the advancement of a county-wide Geographical Information System (GIS), the professional administration and equitable enforcement of all Chippewa County, State and Federal land use codes and ordinances.


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