Frac Sand Sentinel Special

Here are a few important pieces of information from others.

A note from STEVE HORN-Note the references to Wisconsin

Hi All:
Below is a collaborative investigation between myself at DeSmogBlog and Trish Marczak of Mint Press News.
We spent a few days in New Albin, IA and surrounding towns along the Mississippi River checking out what’s going on there for frac sand mining (which more closely resembles a new-aged mountaintop removal) and learning about the broader political-economical issues there and it’s a tragedy in the making, to put it bluntly.
Any help pushing this article out there would be greatly appreciated. Many photos included and more to come on it over at Mint Press, where Trish did a lot of audio and took her own photos. Cross-posts welcome, but please link back tDeSmogBlog/Mint Press when it goes up there. Excerpt below.

In case you haven’t seen this great piece by Ellen Cantarow, author who visited our area last spring!

Fracking Ourselves to Death in Pennsylvania

Water: a cutting edge story-

 GREAT NEWS FROM NELLY IN NEW YORK! It should give us some HOPE!

“We should have dancing in the streets.  This is the best news we could hope for.  Now need to keep the right local officials on our Town Boards to keep our bans in place.

Feel free to distribute widely and as I get more reports I’d be pleased to forward them to you.
Yea NY!!  Nelly”
BREAKING!! – NY Appellate Div Upholds Drilling Bans


Helen & David Slottje

ALBANY — A mid-level appeals court on Thursday said local governments in New York can ban hydraulic fracturing and shale-gas drilling within their borders, delivering a major blow to the natural-gas industry and landowners who had sought to have the bans overturned.

The state Appellate Division ruled unanimously in favor of the Tompkins County town of Dryden and the Otsego County town of Middlefield, both of which passed zoning laws that prohibit natural-gas drilling. The rulings upheld decisions last year from a lower court.

The so-called “home rule” issue has been a topic of contention among the gas industry and critics of fracking, a technique where water, sand and chemicals are injected deep underground to fracture shale and release natural gas.

Proponents of fracking contended New York law prohibits local bans because it defers all regulatory oversight of drilling to the state; Dryden and Middlefield argued the clause in state law doesn’t impede on their ability to use zoning laws as they see fit.

Since the appeals court ruled unanimously, Norse Energy and Middlefield farmer Jennifer Huntington — the plaintiffs in the two cases — would have to receive permission from the state Court of Appeals for the case to be appealed.

 Trempealeau Film Festival on Saturday, May 4, 2013-Whitehall, WI
      Standing Against the Sand Storm-Regional! All invited. Saturday, June 1-Black River Falls, WI-Lunda Center.

Thank you to all of you who keep us well informed of new developments!!!

Pat Popple
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