Tim Christopher Released From Jail

On Earth Day, as Sandra entered her jail cell, another advocate for sustainable energy, Tim DeChristopher, was being released from his, after serving 18 months for his act of civil disobedience against the oil & gas industry.




  1. I had a court case in AZ. Ran a red in El Mirage, AZ and they came back six months later, I know the laws here and I have legal background, with two counts of an illegal drug charge. No evidence. My bac was .000. Two doctors could not even comprehend their tox reports. It goes on and on. Police state. Alec in Action. Spent a year and half in court and finally told them to throw me in jail. It didn’t happen. I am a Missouri Synod Preacher’s kid, but don’t go into the buildings. Read the Qur-an and Gita. How are we alike instead of different. I have done Sales and Marketing, Master of Social work, Researching Queen…it goes on. However, when we all can start talking about the American Legislative Exchange Council, it would be a happy day for God and me. Please. Could we start talking about ALEC and how permeated it is. When people can see what ALEC is doing to the World, the US, the States….it would be an incredible moment and I would be glad to help in anyway to spread the news. Like China is now going into Africa. Check out the GDP vs GNP. Monsanto, AZ is the Hub of ALEC, I know a lot and it goes on and on. I believe their is Spiritual Warfare going on. My NIV study bible says that….God hates it when men commit social injustice and pollute the earth. He loves wisdom and knowledge and He says, Love ME with all your heart, soul and mind and LOVE YOUR BROTHER AS YOURSELF. God’s breath was originally spoken in song and poetry. The Hubble can’t even encompass Him so how could one book, one religion, we are all His children. Well, that could be debatable. . My brother, Tim DeChristopher appears to be a Godly man.

    Very Sincerly,
    God Bless and stay safe….I tell my brother’s and sister’s who can hear me that there is warfare going on out there.

    • I was born in Wisconsin. On November 10 @10:10 pm and my birth year equals a 10. My grandfather had a general store in Cornucopia, WI. The Ehlers Store. He was a very gentle and kind soul. I have an astrologer out of France. I am different. Had a meeting with the Gent upstairs in the Sumer of 2011. Then all of a sudden, all of this information starting coming and I know tons. More than I want to because I used to be just like anyone else, didn’t sign up for the job. Used to be just like the rest. Get up do your stuff go to bed and then another day. However, it is different now. I have a mission to accomplish and I am not sure you are the right people or tribe. Tried to hook up with the Sioux, but they are into Cash Call. Being investigated. However, I know how to kick it up. Make you or something great. Tons of things that you can do with corregated steel to make housing and stores. Box Cars. I can see the vision. I just have tromped down all these paths and can’t find a place to land to put it in place. Exhausted, by in God’s hand. Well, you might call Him other things. I call Him my Father. I am a white woman. I know your history. The white man came over and totally screwed you over. However, I know what my Father says. The Last Will Come First. That would be you all. You have dream catcher’s? I have a huge one out there that is too big to put over my bed. We will see. No one can hear me so it is what it is. Give me a town…have done a lot of research and I think it needs to be on American Indian land because the Feds and State have an issue with you. Let us develop self sustainability without Corporations. Different banks, do an all call and develop a place that can take care of itself and doesn’t need the government….if that is what anyone wants to call it. I forgot to tell you that I spent a few years in the wilderness. No nothing. If it all goes into a downward mode, I would be one you want to have on board. Cook stove, no electricity, no indoor plumbing…that goes on too. I just think that as I am a Scorpio, the sign of the Eagle, it is time to take care of the people that the white man hurt the most. I have been on the reservations. They don’t have to look like that. Hello. Came to pick it up. I know how to do it. I just need some guns. Actually, if you have a good attorney on board, I have three court cases that are all about money. Citibank, AZ and Ford. I just have to get out of AZ and find someone to fight. You are speaking to a Godly woman, Love your brother as yourself, and Tis Time. However, I am a bit of a bohawk, love the Rolling Stones….tons of things. Tim DeChristopher…..if he is part of you….he doesn’t have to go to seminary. He just has to start reading all of the Bibles and there are tons. Better to stay out of the buildings. Tons of information about God without having someone who has an agenda of this or that to sway you into corrupt thinking. He is fine where he is. Please forgive me….this was a rant. Don’t post this one. However, if you contact me, I will come and help anyway I can. Would love to get out of the desert since I am a water sign.

      I just know how to lift it up for the next, whatever that look likes in my Fathers, the Sun, He has thousands of names.

      I pray a lot, walk tight with the Gent in the Sky. Maybe you can’t hear me and I move on. I have tromped down tons of paths. A woman with a dog and a cat. I am exhausted and I am not sure what He wants me to do. So, you are just another shot in the dark. In the dark says it all.

      God Bless.

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