Sandra Goes to Jail for Us!

Perhaps you’ve heard about a 53 year-old mother and Finger Lakes resident named Sandra Steingraber?  She was arrested last week and sentenced to 15 days jail for an act of civil disobedience that she did for you and me, knowing full well that she would be fined or incarcerated (she chose the latter as an act of self-sacrifice, so that others might be emboldened by her example).

After exhausting every legal avenue to protect her community from harm, she knowingly “trespassed” against an out-of-state company who is putting a liquefied petroleum gas storage facility in a salt cavern next to Lake Senaca, the source of drinking water for 100,000 people .  In other places, these types of storage facilities have had a troubled safety records, including catastrophic leaks, sinkholes, explosions, and collapses.

If Sandra is willing to spend 15 days in jail for you to learn more about the dangers of fracking and related natural gas pumping, storage and delivery problems, then I would think that you would be willing to sacrifice an hour to listen to her interview with Bill Moyers done just hours before she was jailed.

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