Meetings Must Be Announced

There are some Town board members in various parts of the state who are meeting secretly with the industry leaders (every meeting is to be open and published and posted so the community of people knows). It is illegal. This piece might open the eyes of the citizens who should realize they have some rights to contest closed unannounced meetings. It has happened in several places and people need to be aware of that right. This is the first time I have seen this piece printed. It came out from Vinehout’s office………….and at least she is trying to put out some legislation that will regulate the industry. Wish we had this info when the CCEDC was meeting long before 2008 with companies…………….and then again later.  Pat

All meetings are to be announced 24 hrs. in advance………..whether they are going to be closed or open. I remember we pulled the plug on one closed meeting (I think it was in the Town of Auburn………or it could have been Cook’s Valley. ) Anyway, the CCEDC held many closed meetings we think…..and I suspect there were many announced meetings at the city/county level also. If Town Boards are caught, the members can have a fine applied………….about $250 for meeting illegally. It has happened in a few places.

Pat Popple
Go to to Legal Information For Citizens forwarded from Senator Kathleen Vinehout’s Office

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