Who is Gerry Seger?

I am not a Government Official, Politician, do not belong to any Ban Fracking Groups, have not signed a non-disclosure agreement with anyone, do not understand all the scientific evidence against Fracking, but what I am is a Mother, Grandmother and someone who has been poisoned by Methane Gas and fighting for my life and fighting, so no one else has to live this HELL I live in daily and fighting to protect our environment for the next generations to come. Gerry Seger

I went from a Type AAAAA Personality, active in EVERY sport, winter and summer, including racquet ball, listed in “Who’s Who of American Women,” active in my community and in Organizations, on the Board of Directors for several Agencies, had my own TV show called Today’s Woman, plus filled in as anchor on other shows, when NBC hired Katie Couric to do a show called Today’s Woman, I contacted them and said that is the name of my show and they changed the name, honored by the Red Cross for promoting blood drives and I also worked at many of them, honored by the Navy in a special ceremony for encouraging women to join the Navy, modeled for a Ski Shop for snow skiing clothes, specialized with Ventilators and Trach and Rehabilitation for over 30 years in Home Health Care, worked with children’s programs, a counselor for nine years at an Winter Outdoor Educational Camp for a week each year, teaching repelling, how to survive in the woods in the winter, the last day, we handicapped each child so they had to work together in their group to survive in the winter in the woods for a meal with NO help from me, Queen of our Centennial Celebration AFTER I had five children, was the FIRST woman to receive the coveted “mans” Silver Beaver Award in 1977 through Boy Scouting, my travels around the world, rode a camel in Morocco, watched a cobra dancing to music in the Kasbah, walked through the Parthenon in Greece before it was blocked off from tourists, met the Lord Mayor of Belfast during the height of the Irelands rebellion in 1977, heard bombs going off while there, attended the London Darby and saw the Queen, visited several cities in Russia in 1975, during the cold war and was called by Federal Agents asking why I was there, also toured Czechoslovakia during the cold war, went into East Berlin, Germany to Potsdam where the Peace Treaty was signed after WWII, had to enter through Check Point Charley as the Berlin Wall was still up, climbed to the snow line of Mt Fuji on July 4th, 1988 with my two sons who climbed to the top, also in Japan in 1968 on a Medical tour for a month with my husband, in Hong Kong for a week to have clothes made, watched the Lipazzan horses dancing at their home base area with red velet curtains and crystal chandeliers in Vienna, visited about 35-40 different foreign countries, watched a Voo-Doo show in Haiti, almost got shot at Doc Duvalier’s home in Haiti when I got too close to the fence trying to take a picture, walked in the pink sands of Bermuda, drank the fresh fruit drinks made only in Jamaica, after leaving Quito, Ecuador, we took a river cruise to the Amazon Jungle rain forest area, canoe down the Pirhanna infested Amazon River, swam in the very dirty lake at the end of the trip and walked through the jungles of the Amazon, had to wear knee high boots for protection along the trails, saw the most incredible butterflies flying freely in the rainforest, climbed the giant tree on rope stairs winding through the tree, flew in 1980 from Lima, Peru to Cusco in an old WWII plane up to visit Machu Picchu, the oxygen in the plane came from a tube in the ceiling that we had to put in our mouth to inhale if we needed oxygen, scariest flight I ever had, wondering if we were going to make it up the Andes Mtn, where the walls and streets were built by the Inca Indians using NO mortar in their incredible construction of walls and buildings, drove, or flew to almost every state in the US, from Bar Harbor, Maine, to Seattle Washington, down to Florida, Colorado to ski, camped for a month with my husband and five children in tents in Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, etc., in that area of the US, my youngest son and I spent two days hiking from the rainforest to the visitor center across Mt Olympus in Washington, restored antique wood boats and won trophies at the Century Boat Club and another trophy at the Cedarville Antique Boat Show, both in MI, invited by the Governor of MI to drive my trophy winning boat in the Sesquicentennial in MI with the tall ships parade, I had to take the US Power Squadron Course and be inducted into the Grand Traverse Power Squadron before I could be in the parade, I felt like a midget in my boat with the tall ships, I loved to cook, bake, make clothes for myself and my children, when we traveled when they were young I made matching shirts for each of them, so it was easy to locate all five of them by just looking for that one color shirt, did flower arranging for parties and gifts, made wedding cakes for family weddings, had my own kiln and designed and made porcelain items and jewelry and YES, I have pictures to prove everything that is stated here. There is a full typed page and a half of my travels and activities, but this gives you an idea of some of my WONDERFUL life before a Methane gas leaks and a GAS Company DESTROYED it.

So I am FIGHTING with EVERY breath I have to STOP GAS/OIL Companies from ruining anyone else’s life as they have ruined mine.

They have ruined my life medically, financially, socially, mentally, physically, with my family and grandchildren, with my friends, with all the things I use to love and do and given me a life of HELL, EXCRUCIATING PAIN and a DEATH SENTENCE as I am full of carcinogenic toxic petrol chemicals and solvents from Methane/Natural Gas Toxicity.

I went from the above to being on Food Stamps, DHS, Salvation Army, or a Senior Low Income Agency has to pay for my heat and electricity, I am also on another free food program for low income. I have borrowed the max on my Life Insurance Policy, maxed out about 15 Credit Cards, had to mortgage my home and about ready to lose it, as I have had to sell,, sell and WHY???????

All because a GAS Company LIED to me, refused to do their job and through these lies and negligence I live in Hell, so I am not only going to talk, I am going to SCREAM to everyone who can hear me, or read what I write, BAN FRACKING, DO NOT BELIEVE THE GAS COMPANIES, or THEIR ATTORNEYS, OR SPOKESMEN, or THE POLITICIANS who the Gas/Oil Companies have “paid off.”
Gerry Seger

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