I wondered what’s wrong with me?

By 1992 I was already diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and having a lot of abnormal symptoms for the “extremely active and healthy me” that I did not understand and Doctors could NOT diagnose.

By 1994 I was getting sicker and applied for Social Security Disability which was finally granted in 1996 with payment retroactive back to 1994. In 1996 pictures of me started showing the puffiness in my face and some bloating starting in my body.

I LOVED my job in nursing as I worked in Home Health care taking care of patients on Ventilators, Trachs, feeding tubes and I had a GREAT reputation for rehabilitating stroke patients, vent patients, etc., training numerous nurses.

Gradually I had to keep decreasing my work hours until my muscles became too weak to hold the baby I was taking care of who was on a ventilator. September 2004 I had to give up my nursing career.

I kept getting sicker and sicker and spending more time in bed and my symptoms were getting worse, not know what was wrong with me and no Doctor could diagnose me.

My oldest son put in an Organic Garden for me twelve years ago and I have been Detoxing through herbs, spices and “green smoothies” trying to detox, BUT NOT KNOWING what I was detoxing from. The Poison Control Center and my Dr in Texas feel that is what has kept me alive, as I should have died a long time ago from these Toxic Chemicals in me. How can anyone grow an Organic Garden, or farm organically after Fracking has destroyed and poisoned their land?

I come from a legacy of HEALTHY and long living ancestry, my dad was pruning his fruit orchard when he was 90 years old, carrying his step ladder from tree to tree.

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