Doctors finally diagnosed Gerry Seger

I KNEW something was wrong with me, but all the “regular” tests Drs do, came back normal. I was called a hypochondriac, an alcoholic because my face was red and puffy (I grew up in a non drinking family and neither my husband, nor I smoked or drank, a medical coroner later told me that after people commit suicide from inhaling Methane/Natural gas, they turn red and puffy), my face burns and is frequently beet red, especially my right cheek and it burns like it is on fire, since I sleep on my left side, my right nostril tissue has been damaged up into my sinuses and I have pain with each breath. I went to several Dermatologists who could NOT identify what was causing the redness on my face, they ALL denied it being Rosacea, I am constantly HOT, frequently perspiration drips from my face, except when I am going through one of my toxic episodes when I am freezing to death. I haven’t been able to wear makeup for years, another thing is when I do put lipstick on, it immediately changes color due to the toxins in me, my eyebrow pencil color also changes to an orangey tint. I went from wearing a size 10/12 and a waist of 28/30 inches to a size 44 waist from bloating, gained 40 pounds and looking nine months pregnant, I had to buy maternity, or men’s pants, my physical facial appearance also changed and people no longer recognized me, one NP told me to “think myself well” since there was nothing wrong with me, that is a Deepak Chopra theory, called hormonal and at age 68 my ovaries were removed, after my ovaries were removed, a section of my colon was removed due to an extremely abnormal growth, even after my uterus and ovaries were removed and the colon growth, I still continued with a horrible dark, putrid, vaginal drainage, numerous x-rays, scans, tests were done thinking I had a fistula, but none could be found, (after it was learned of the toxicity in my body, it is pretty much determined that is a toxic drainage which I still am having and have to be tested every year for cancer cells) told I had a “sleep disorder” by a Michigan Psychologist, although no one tested me for that diagnosis, (but I didn’t have a sleep disorder, I was being GASSED to death from the gas leak) advised I go on Psychotropic drugs by the same Psychologist and my own physician, I asked if they were crazy, I was trying to CLEAR my brain, not make it worse, (I was later told that the Psychotropic Drugs mixed with my toxic chemicals in my body would have created more problems for me had I taken them) I have colonoscopies every year due to so many polyps and adenomas in my colon with cancer cells and precancerous cells in them, have had two cancer surgeries on my side, cancer burned off my arm, these toxins have also caused a LOT of dental problems for me, my skin burns like it is on fire over the majority of my body, it burns if I try and scratch an itch, I can’t go in the sun as I break out in welts, (me, the slalom water skier, swimmer, sailor, canoeist, love of summer activities, which I can NO longer enjoy), the pain in my muscles feels like someone is trying to pull the muscles off my bones, when these episodes happen, I am in bed for several days as the pain is so excruciating that I cannot function at anything, the toxins have cause me to become severely allergic to any form of narcotic, so there is NO pain medication I can take, allergies to a LOT of other medications, caused allergies to any form of alcoholic drinks, mouth wash and allergies to so MANY other foods, odors, outside gas grill fumes, bonfire smoke, boats, jet skis and snowmobile gas fumes, etc., I injure with black and blue marks easily and heal slowly, one Dr told me to “just go get a Prescription for my problems to cure it” he just didn’t understand as many Drs do NOT, as they have not had to deal with all this toxicity that has been unleashed since the Bush/Cheney Administration DEREGULATED every safety precaution and I am full of carcinogenic petro chemicals and solvents from inhaling the Methane/Natural Gas and my nightmare went on like this for over 16 years with NO diagnosis, then it took a year to find a Doctor who knew how to test me for Methane/Natural Gas Poisoning and another eight months before all the test results came back from the labs identifying what was in my lungs, blood, etc., and identifying these toxic petro chemicals and solvents in Methane/Natural Gas. I did not receive my diagnosis until February 2011. For all these years, I did NOT know what was causing my illnesses AND they still continue. I HAVE BEEN LIVING IN THIS HELL DAILY FOR TWENTY YEARS.

After learning about the toxicity and my test results, I returned to my Michigan Doctors and they told me “there is NO such thing as Methane/Natural Gas Poisoning” even AFTER I showed them proof.

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