Open Pit Mining Bill is on the Move

The Open-Pit Mining Bill is on the Move
Tell Legislators to Vote NO on the Open-Pit Mining Bill

Dear Thomas,
Tell Legislators: Vote NO on the Open-Pit Mining Bill!
The Open-Pit Mining Bill – you know, the one written by a mining company, for a mining company? – has passed key committees and is now on its way to a final vote in the state Assembly and Senate. Your legislators will soon vote on this bill that poses one of the greatest threats to clean water and public health in Wisconsin history.

Our time is short. Please act today…and share this action alert with your networks!

Tell Legislators: Vote NO on the Open-Pit Mining Bill!

Despite slight amendments, the Open-Pit Mining Bill remains a flawed, extreme one-sided bill.

The Open-Pit Mining Bill (SB 1/AB 1) as amended still:

Allows waterways to be filled with mining waste.
Prevents citizens from having input on proposed mines.
Subjects our water to toxins like arsenic, lead, and mercury.
Allows mining companies to contaminate groundwater, the source of drinking water for 70% of Wisconsinites.
Allows a mining company to take high volumes of water from rivers, lakes, and streams, even if it will draw down nearby waterways.
Tell Legislators: Vote NO on the Open-Pit Mining Bill!
Mining companies are pumping serious money into this fight. Against all odds, we are hanging in there! We hear reports from the Capitol every day that your letters and calls are being heard. Don’t let up now! Take action today. Then be sure to share this action alert with your networks. We can stop the Open-Pit Mining Bill, but it’s going to take all of us!

Thank you for adding your voice in support of Wisconsin’s natural resources,

Tom Stolp
Field Director
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters


  1. Jewison, Paul says:

    Stop open pit mining !!!!


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